RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) – a Silken Shield With Steel Toughness

· Now you can easily avoid the disaster provoked by a virus attack on a Win32 file server

· Unobtrusive yet powerful and fully customizable, RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) confirms a tradition set by the RAV AntiVirus line of products

Bucharest, October 22, 2002

RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) released today

When dealing with such an amount of important, even critical data files, one could easily become very anxious. As exact and faultless as it appears to be, the binary system can sometimes fall under the effect of the unexpected, and its whole structure can fall apart triggering irrecoverable data, time and eventually money loss.

Choosing a reliable antivirus solution takes these worries away, and RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) is the new protection solution guarding file servers against viruses and other malwares (Trojans, worms, etc.) considered to be a major threat for Win32 systems.

Powerful yet unobtrusive

RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) is configured to run as a service. Therefore, it will work in the background, scanning files accessed by users or by the operating system, without interfering with the current activities of a normal file server. The way scanning actions are performed by RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) is in the power of the server administrator. He or she can configure the software to best suit their clients’ needs, and to best protect a particular Win 32 file server. The main purpose (guarding data against virus attacks) is fully ensured while working with this very admin-friendly and unobtrusive AntiVirus.

File servers stay safe, no matter where the threat comes from

The portability of the proprietary engine used by all RAV AntiVirus products makes this particular solution designated to protect Win32 file servers a virtual fortress through which no malware can penetrate, be it designed on/for Windows, Linux or any other operating system. This is a big advantage of RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) when the file server is communicating with machines running other OSs in the network.

Human error-proof

When enabled and properly configured, RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) will prevent users from writing/accessing files containing infected/suspicious code on RAV-protected file server and inform the administrator in case virus-infected or virus-suspicious files are found or if any errors occur.

Fully customizable to suit the particular needs of file server protection

It is very easy for a knowledgeable person to make RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) work in a reliable and easy-to-manage manner in all conceivable network configurations. RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) offers you the possibility to:
· Change RAV Engine settings (use/do not use heuristic methods, unpack/do not unpack executables, scan/do not scan floppy boot sector);
· Specify the automatic actions to be taken by RAV AntiVirus for File Servers (Win32) in case infected/suspicious/uncleaned files are found;
· Use customizable filters, in order to scan only specific folders and/or files;
· Analyze detailed statistics;
· Analyze the detailed virus reports offered by RAV AntiVirus for File Servers; Example: the product can be configured to send warning messages (in case of virus infection) via Messenger Service, via e-mail and via RAV Administration Panel (using this option, you will be able to see the virus alerts from all RAV Scanning Services activated in the same primary domain with RAV Administration Panel). Also, you have the possibility to save the virus reports in a log file;
· Access detailed error reports saved in a log file. You also have the possibility to be alerted via Messenger Service in case of errors;
· Specify that you want RAV AntiVirus for File Servers to scan files On Close and not On Open;
· Scan files opened from the server and files copied on the server;
· Easily create, manage and save different connections to RAV Scanning Service.

Four working modules providing protection, scalability, thoroughness and reliability

RAV for Windows File Servers (Win32) contains the following independent modules:
a. RAV Scanning Service;
b. RAV Administration Panel;
c. RAV On-demand Scan;
d. RAV Update.

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About RAV AntiVirus
RAV AntiVirus is developed by GeCAD Software, a leading IT company based in Bucharest. The RAV AntiVirus line of products is represented worldwide by a network of over 100 partners located in countries from all continents. RAV Antivirus products family also includes: RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers, RAV AntiVirus Desktop and RAV AntiVirus MailFilter.

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