TriGeo Unveils Future of Security Information Management at 29th Annual CSI Show

Contegoâ„? Software Provides Active Response To Protect From The Perimeter To The Desktop

POST FALLS, ID – TriGeo Network Security, Inc., the rapidly growing Idaho-based software developer, will unveil Contegoâ„? , the future of Security Information Management (SIM) solutions, at the 29th Annual Computer Security Show, November 11-13, Chicago, IL (Booth #1326).
SIM is an emerging solution that provides log data consolidation from disparate network security devices. Contego goes beyond the typical SIM solution by providing complete network coverage from the perimeter security devices down to the desktop – all access points are monitored and managed. Contego provides even greater protection using integrated response technologies. Michelle Dickman, TriGeo’s President, characterizes it this way, “Most SIM products focus on data management. Our goal is network security, so we provide both event management and incident response”.

With Contego’s two-way communication model, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, operating systems and other security devices can coordinate their responses to both internal and external attacks. The result is a defensive shield that envelops and secures the entire network. For example, if an attack is identified by the IDS, the system administrator is instantly notified, and the suspect IP can be automatically blocked at the firewall. As a result, the attack is immediately contained, and the network is protected from potential damage, loss or downtime.

Contego’s distributed architecture and integrated response technology is the result of nearly six years of research conducted on behalf of numerous government agencies, including the NSA, NASA, Army, Air Force and the National Science Foundation.

Key Contego Features:
· Enterprise scalability – Contego can be deployed from the workgroup to the global enterprise.
· Active Response – Contego works at network speed, halting suspicious activity immediately.
· Auto-Notification – Network administrators receive instantaneous automated alerts via pager, cell phone text message, email, or screen-pop when suspicious network activity occurs.
· Centralized Management – The Contego Console provides a remote hook into the Contego management system, giving IT staff the ability to connect into the system to manage it from anywhere that has network access to the Manager. It supports connections to multiple Managers and allows modifications to user access lists, policies, active responses, and notifications while viewing real-time alert information.
· Third Party Tool Integration – Contego is designed to be capable of supporting any third party tool. Tools are integrated by interfacing with them to gather data and send commands. This combination of recon and control, when spread across the array of tools available in the market today, allows the system to actively combat attacks, minimize damage from successful assaults, and provide the system administrators with timely information regarding the status of their networks.
· Reporting Capabilities – Contego provides aggregated reporting on multiple security tools in the form of summarized graphs, which provides a clear picture of network activity, makes audits simple, and meets regulatory requirements.

The Company

TriGeo Network Security, Inc. is a privately held company that develops world-class, military-grade, security management software that wraps your existing security tools and operating systems, and integrates them into a centralized, coordinated security system. TriGeo is headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho, and sells nationwide through a network of Value-Added Resellers, Integration Partners and other key distribution channels.

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