PureEdge Announces Support for XForms

Internet Commerce System to Provide Secure “Wrapper” For Auditable XForms Transactions

Victoria, BC (November 12, 2002) – PureEdge Solutions Inc. congratulates the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the XForms Working Group on its release today of XForms 1.0 as a Candidate Recommendation. The next generation of PureEdge e-forms will enable XForms transactions to be signed and archived as a complete document, while passing XForms data to business processes.

“XForms standardizes the dynamic data and processing needs of complex forms and will hasten their migration from paper, and result in web applications that are more robust, interoperable and maintainable than is possible with HTML systems,” said Dr. John Boyer, Senior Product Architect, PureEdge Solutions. Dr. Boyer is an active member of the Working Group, and the author of the computation engine featured in XForms 1.0.

XForms 1.0 does not support digital signatures, but is designed to allow host languages to add valuable functionality. By using PureEdge’s unique XFDL as a host language, XForms applications will be able to scale up to any level of security any time. In the next version of PureEdge’s Internet Commerce Systemâ„?, XFDL will act as an XML “wrapper” or “envelope” for XForms, to enable single, multiple or overlapping signatures, and to facilitate the processing of form data.

PureEdge offers three types of electronic signatures – digital signatures that enable secure transaction with unknown parties using PKI; PureEdge’s own “Authenticated ClickWrap”, for inexpensive and easily implemented PKI-like security with known parties; and ClickWrap signatures, a “self-sign” technology for low-risk, internal applications.

“PureEdge Solutions is committed to investing in public standards and delivering products that are the trusted front end to business processes,” said Brian Nutt, Chief Operating Officer. “In 1997, we pioneered the use of electronic signatures in e-forms, and in 1998, we were the first company to adopt XML for electronic forms. Even today, no other e-forms product matches what we introduced four years ago.”

PureEdge electronic forms are 100% native XML.XFDL, the original XML e-forms language, provides a secure and auditable equivalent to paper transactions. It binds together questions, answers, presentation format, logic, attachments, and metadata in a single, signable XML file. XFDL has been published as a W3C Note.

In addition to his leading contributions to the XForms specification, Dr. John Boyer is also co-author of the XPath Filter 2.0 Proposed Recommendation (August 27, 2002), and a co-author of Exclusive XML Canonicalization 1.0, which was made a Recommendation by W3C on July 18, 2002. He co-authored the XML-Signature Syntax and Processing Recommendation, and was the author/editor of the Canonical XML 1.0 Recommendation.

More information can be found at www.pureedge.com or by calling 1-888-517-2675.

About PureEdge Solutions
PureEdge Solutions is the leading provider of secure XML e-forms solutions for governments and regulated industries. The PureEdge Internet Commerce Systemâ„? enables businesses to create, capture, process and archive secure XML e-forms, and integrate them seamlessly with infrastructure and legacy systems. By moving valuable business documents to the web, PureEdge helps government and business organizations including the Securities & Exchange Commission, JPMorgan Chase and the U.S. Department of Defense, to save money and reduce paperwork, ensure their applications are secure, and extend their e-business systems to employees, customers and partners. Information: www.pureedge.com or 1-888-517-2675.
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