AirDefense Wireless LAN Security to Deflect and Trap Intruders

AirDefense Inc. has introduced a new element to wireless LAN security with the launch of its ActiveDefense, a security appliance that shields 802.11 wireless LANs from intruders with pioneering technology that deflects intruders and traps them into wireless dead-end connections.

ActiveDefense builds upon AirDefense’s patent-pending State-Analysis and Multi-Dimensional Intrusion Detection engines with its patent-pending AirBlock and AirTrap technologies that go beyond intrusion detection to provide the ultimate in wireless LAN security.

“The addition of ActiveDefense to the AirDefense enterprise wireless security solution creates a forcefield around wireless LANs that keeps attackers at bay while allowing legitimate use,” said Pete Lindstrom, a research director with Philadelphia-based Spire Security. ” As wireless LANs demonstrate their strategic value to the enterprise, solutions like this are essential to protect and enable their continued deployment.”

ActiveDefense operates in coordination with the AirDefense intrusion detection and security appliance, which statefully monitors wireless LANs to detect network vulnerabilities, enforce security policies, and detect intruders and attacks. ActiveDefense allows security managers to protect all network access points and stations by blocking intruders, unauthorized users and accidental associations from neighboring networks.

Once an intrusion or attack is identified, the ActiveDefense system goes into action using its two key technologies. The AirBlock technology disconnects or blocks the intruder from wireless networks under its protection as it servers as a virtual protective shield. The AirTrap technology forces the intruder to lock onto ActiveDefense, which keeps the intruder out of the network and onto a dead-end as it thwarts the intruder from reconnecting to the wireless LAN.

Intruders detected and actions taken by the ActiveDefense are logged and reported to security managers and can be exported to other data analysis tools.

“ActiveDefense is a unique solution to combat the growing threat of ‘war driving’ and wireless hacking,” said Jay Chaudhry, CEO of AirDefense. “Enterprises that depend upon wireless LANs are demanding this kind of proactive security in addition to encryption and authentication.”

AirDefense launched the industry’s first intrusion detection system for 802.11 wireless LANs in June 2002. AirDefense provides the ultimate security for wireless LANs with its patent-pending technology for stateful monitoring and intrusion protection. AirDefense’s Multi-Dimensional Detection Engine analyzes threats to identify security breaches based on: Signature analysis, policy compliance, protocol assessment and statistically anomalous behavior. AirDefense customers include Blue Chip enterprises, government agencies and wireless LAN managed service providers.

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