Web Application Security Software CodeSeeker Goes Open Source

Butterfly Security, a developer of web application security infrastructure software, announced today the open source release of its web application security software CodeSeeker. CodeSeeker is a web application firewall and intrusion detection system that actively monitors web traffic, seeking malicious code and blocking all malicious requests that normally pass through network firewalls.

Gabriel Lawrence, CTO of Butterfly Security said: “With growing threats to the world’s Internet security, we believe the open source model to be the most effective way to allow the greatest number of companies and organizations to secure their web applications from malicious attacks”.

The software release will be through the Open Web Application Security Project. OWASP is developing free open source software tools and knowledge-based documentation that helps people secure web applications and web services. According to the OWASP maintainers, CodeSeeker’s pre-release code should be available from their site in early December and the full release should hit us in January 2003.

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