Abtrusion Protector 1.1 Supports New Platforms and More Users

Abtrusion Protector 1.1 Supports New Platforms and More Users Avesta, Sweden – November 25, 2002
Abtrusion Security AB today released a new version of its popular intrusion and virus protection software, Abtrusion Protector. The product protects computers by allowing only safely installed software to run.

Abtrusion Protector version 1.1 supports new platforms and more users. In order to provide a better fit for the corporate environment, the product now includes full support for Windows Terminal Server and the Microsoft .NET platform. An improved user interface makes the product easier to use. To better support Asian users, the new version also includes full support for 16-bit character sets.

Abtrusion Protector protects a computer by preventing software that has not been safely installed from loading. When new software is installed, Abtrusion Protector can be set-up to automatically record and allow all new files that are copied to the computer. In addition, the product verifies digital signatures and will automatically allow software signed by trusted software vendors.

In a corporate environment, Abtrusion Protector can be managed at a central site. Management can also be distributed throughout the organization according to the preferences of the network administrator. The products is free for personal, non-commercial use (please see the current license terms for details).

Abtrusion Protector works on Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It operates alongside traditional security products, such as personal firewalls and anti-virus software. The product can be downloaded from the company web site, http://www.abtrusion.com/Downloads.

About Abtrusion Security:
Abtrusion Security AB is a privately held company, incorporated in Stockholm, Sweden and located in Avesta. The company focuses on intrusion and virus protection software and services. For additional information, please visit the company web site at http://www.abtrusion.com or email info@abtrusion.com

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