Panda ActiveScan 4.0 Powerful Heuristic Scan Engine Detects Unknown Viruses

The latest version of Panda Software’s free, online antivirus is faster and more powerful than ever, incorporating the ultimate technology to detect and eliminate malicious code.

Panda ActiveScan 4.0, the new version of Panda Software’s free, online antivirus detects and eliminates all types of viruses, including new and unknown ones. To achieve this, Panda ActiveScan comes equipped with a powerful heuristic scan engine. Based on a method that uses generic algorithms for virus detection, Panda ActiveScan can detect unknown viruses that are not yet included in the virus identification files by searching for virus behavior in potentially dangerous files.

The malicious code that Panda ActiveScan 4.0 can detect using its heuristic scanning technology include unknown Macro viruses, DOS and Win32 executable and Script viruses.

The new Panda ActiveScan 4.0 is faster than ever and extremely easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface. In addition, this solution to protect against all types of malicious code is updated daily from Panda Software’s own servers, guaranteeing the detection and elimination of any virus.

Panda ActiveScan 4.0 allows users to scan their PCs at the same time as carrying out other tasks over the Internet. It includes an innovative system to make connection to the Internet necessary only at the beginning and at the end of the scan. This can save considerable connection time while offering the possibility to neutralize any of the more than 64,000 viruses that can exist anywhere in the system (hard drives, disk drives, memory, boot system, e-mail, folders or individual files…)

Panda ActiveScan 4.0 can send suspicious files which may contain malicious code to the SOS Virus laboratory 24 hours a day, 365 days a year-this antivirus is continuously available on the Panda Software corporate web page at () and through thousands of international portals that also make use of this exceptional tool.

The free online antivirus Panda ActiveScan 4.0 is available for users that want to perform immediate scans and /or disinfect their computers. In addition webmasters can also include a link to this powerful tool on their pages, giving added value to the site. If you are interested, simply send an e-mail requesting the HTML code to (indicating the web page and country of origin)

About Panda Software

Panda Software () is a leading international developer of antivirus software for all types of customers: corporate clients, small and medium sized companies, and home users. Their 100% in-house, cutting-edge technology has received awards and quality certifications from the most widely-respected IT security institutions. Their commitment to client service and the concept of the protection of computer systems as a 24h-365d Insurance Policy rather than merely a software product have revolutionized the computer security industry. Major industry watchdogs including ICSA Labs and Checkmark have endorsed the quality of Panda Software’s products.

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