PC Guardian releases Encryption Plus Email 3.0

PC Guardian, developer of data security software for enterprises, announced the release of Encryption Plus Email 3.0, enterprise software that uses public-private key technology to automatically encrypt and decrypt email messages between users – without the need for key servers, Certificate Authorities, or other elements of Public Key Infrastructure.

The software features centralized administrative capabilities – including administrative key recovery, strong password management controls, and the ability to configure user program settings – as well as a simple peer-to-peer method of key exchange.

“What makes this program different is that key management occurs on the client instead of the server. This is how Encryption Plus Email 3.0 can
provide the access control benefits of PKI without requiring an investment in the architecture,” says PC Guardian President Noah Groth.

Encryption Plus Email 3.0 is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook 98, 2000, and 2002 and Lotus Notes Mail 4.6.x and 5.x. It protects email and attachments using a 256-bit AES algorithm and a 233-bit Elliptic Curve Cryptographic public-private key algorithm.

Encryption Plus Email 3.0 can be installed in less than five minutes, is very easy to distribute and maintain, and uses a simple address book, called the Recipient Manager, to manage keys. “There really isn’t any program on the market that provides the same level of strong data protection that is this simple to administer and use,” says Groth.

Encryption Plus Email 3.0 is available exclusively from PC Guardian. Pricing starts at $3,200, which entitles customers to use Encryption Plus Email 3.0 “in perpetuity” for a maximum of 50 users. Annual maintenance is priced separately.

For more information on Encryption Plus Email 3.0, visit this page.

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