Source Code for PGP 8.0 Released

Simultaneously with today’s release of PGP 8.0 for Windows and Macintosh (article here), PGP Corporation announced the availability of PGP 8.0 source code.

The availability of PGP’s source code for peer review provides all the necessary elements to verify the correctness of PGP’s cryptographic implementation, as well as demonstrate irrefutably that neither the PGP source code nor products based on it are compromised in any way.

Phil Dunkelberger, President and CEO of PGP Corporation said in the media release: “PGP is the only security software company sufficiently committed to product integrity and security to publish its intellectual property in the form of source code for peer review. We believe that releasing the source code for security-related software should be a standard industry practice, and a requirement of any serious security vendor.”

If you are interested, few months ago we did an interview with PGP Corp’s CTO Jon Callas, where he talked about PGP Corporation, its products and his views on open source.

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