Tel.Net Media Issues Wake up Call to Company Directors Over IT Security

Directors unwittingly at risk of legal action, warns IT security specialists

Tel.Net Media, a leading developer of secure content management, today warned company directors that they are leaving themselves open to legal action if their companies continue to take a piecemeal approach to the security of online data and IT networks. This warning took place at an IT security forum co-hosted by Tel.Net and Sophos Anti-Virus, at which IT users heard a hype-free assessment of the current and future cybercrime threat.

With the DTI finding that 44 per cent of UK businesses suffered at least one malicious IT security breach during 2001 (1), Tel.Net is concerned that company directors, are not doing enough to reduce exposure to digital risk. This is despite legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998, which sets out that company directors are personally responsible for the integrity of their companies’ networks and could be sued in the event of a security breach.

“Corporate governance is the responsibility of senior management and board members – this includes an obligation to keep online data safe and secure,” said Ralph Pecker, senior vice president of operations, Tel.Net Media. “However, with 44 per cnet of UK firms admitting recent IT security breaches, it’s clear that many senior managers are not fulfilling these obligations. These people need to wake up and recognise that – as well as damaging their companies’ reputations and losing valuable man-hours – a breach could put them in the dock.”

Tel.Net is urging businesses to undertake thorough risk assessments, devise and implement internet and email security policies and ensure they are sufficiently insured in the event of attack. There is a common trade off between IT functionality and security; with content management developments making it easy to update online information and data, it is especially important to review security on and on-going basis.

“Firewalls and anti-virus software are important but not enough, such products need to be deployed as part of an overall IT security policy which is continually monitored in order to keep risks to a minimum,” continued Pecker. “Without this belt and braces approach to security, businesses could be accused of negligence. In an increasingly litigious world, such accusations are likely to result in legal action.”

Tel.Net Media is a founding member of the Security Alliance(tm), a body designed to help IT security vendors understand the bigger picture of IT security and work together to improve the overall integrity of IT networks.

(1) DTI ‘Information Security Breaches Survey 2002’ –

About Media: Media Ltd was incorporated in Australia in 1998 to develop internet filtering and ad-serving products for internet service providers. From 1998 to early 2001 developed much of its core proprietary technology. Since then the company has focused on providing software based solutions developed around its core proprietary technology to address the secure content management (SCM) market.

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