Securify Announces SecurVantage Enterprise Reporting

Securify, Inc., developers of SecurVantage automated security system, announced the addition of rich reporting functionality into their flagship product. SecurVantage Enterprise Reporting allows Chief Security Officers and security architects presenting the status of their network security in a form that’s easily understandable by business managers.

Standard reports can depict an enterprise’s total security policy compliance as well as security performance broken down by functional area, such as by geographic location or application. Other standard reports include top violators, top targets and network object performance. All reports can be run daily, weekly and monthly as needed and presented in a variety of formats, including html, PDF and Microsoft Excel.

SecurVantage Enterprise Reporting will be available early next year as a standard feature of the SecurVantage Enterprise module. SecurVantage Enterprise allows multiple monitoring points to be combined into a single, real-time monitoring and management console, providing a common operational picture across multiple policy domains.

Mark Hangen, president and CEO of Securify said: “Much like the CFO presenting the state of the business by division or product line, SecurVantage Enterprise Reporting lets the security officer present the state of the network by functional area on a security compliance and performance basis. Armed with this quantitative information, business managers can make better resource allocation and operational decisions, focusing their resources on where they are most needed. SecurVantage Enterprise Reporting fills one of the largest gaps in security today.”


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