Array Networks Delivers Network Traffic Analysis to Protect Intellectual Property and Detect Network Abuse

Array Networks announced the availability of its new Array SR (Security Reconnaissance) Series, the first wire-speed network traffic analyzer designed to detect potential security breaches and network abuse across TCP/IP-based protocols. The Array SR enables companies and law enforcement organizations to rapidly and securely scan, analyze and record incoming and outgoing network traffic in compliance with homeland security and electronic surveillance laws.

Undetectable by network probing tools and without impairing network performance, the Array SR can track any or all data entering and leaving the network. Using administrator-defined parameters, the Array SR can capture the billions of packets associated with the course of a day’s network traffic, separate each packet into its related connection stream, reassemble these packets into connections, track individual connections in real time and even reconstruct complete files. The Array SR’s Web-based user interface enables even a non-technical staff member to determine who is sending what, when, and most importantly to whom. Multiple Array SRs can be linked to provide a central point of event tracking for all incoming and outgoing network traffic. Selective, intervention-free analysis virtually eliminates false positives.

The Array SR supports:

  • Network reconnaissance for TCP/IP and HTTP protocols: Fully transparent, real-time network scanning to detect inappropriate use. Captures data packets and decodes them using built-in knowledge of common protocols.
  • Email tracking*: Detect and analyze email messages including POP, IMAP, SMTP and WebMail systems (Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail). Detect and analyze UUencoded/MIME attachments to email messages.
  • Instant messaging and chat tracking*: Detect and analyze instant messaging protocols (AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo, Netscape) and chat sessions (IRC and ICQ) for key words and phrases and transfers of sensitive corporate files.
  • Wire-speed monitoring: Kernel-level integration with the security-hardened ArrayOS for real-time analysis.
  • HTML reconstruction: Fully reconstruct HTML Web pages viewed by network clients.
  • Image Analysis: Full image reconstruction for JPEG, GIF and PNG regardless of protocol. Automatic rotation of images based on time. Capture images off the network regardless of filename. Detect images (JPEG, BMP, PNG, and GIF) moving on the network based on the data file header information.
    * This feature will be available in Q1 2003

Donald J. Massaro, president and CEO of Array Networks said: “Most enterprise security breaches are the result of internal abuse. Homeland security and the protection of intellectual are rapidly emerging as critical concerns. We are proud to introduce a secure network traffic analyzer that enables the enterprise to instantaneously detect suspicious network activity and deliver the evidence required for intervention and/or prosecution.”

Available immediately, the Array SR is priced starting at $34,995.

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