Protect your Macintosh with MacScan announced the release of their first security application to protect the Macintosh from spyware and applications that could offer remote access when improperly configured. MacScan will run on the classic Mac OS and also under Mac OS X to detect and protect against illicit programs allowing someone to monitor or spy on your computer activity.

The public beta is freely downloadable from their website and may run for the beta period until a new version is released. Updates to MacScan will be made often to detect and protect against known spyware devices and issues which could lead to remote access.

Many of the programs MacScan detects and protects against are overlooked by popular scanning applications. When MacScan finds any keystroke logs, loggers, or remote administration applications (commonly leading to remote access or a backdoor to the computer) it will extract known information from the applications allowing for the administrator to isolate how long the devices have been installed, and make it possible to trace how the program was installed and who the intruder or vandal may be.

MacScan will isolate all evidence of spyware type applications to a secured, single location; including the programs, extensions, preferences and any log files then create a report of all activity. With MacScan’s extensive spyware education library you can read up on each one of the items and find out how it may have gotten there, how to remove it and any other technical details.

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