Nemx Software Launches Advanced Edition of Power Tools for Exchange 2000

Integrates into existing architecture for high performance and cost-savings

Ottawa, Canada – December 16, 2002 – Nemx Software, a provider of anti-virus and secure content management products for companies of all sizes, today announced the release of Power Tools for Microsoft Exchange 2000 – Advanced Edition, designed to provide enterprises with enhanced email security protection at the Exchange 2000 server level. Designed to be integrated directly into Exchange’s architecture, Power Tools is a high performance solution that does not require costly hardware or software upgrades. This version is the first offering to provide a disclaimer feature for both internal and external emails for Exchange 2000 users.

Microsoft Exchange Server is the leading enterprise messaging platform among Global 1000 companies, and has sold more than 100 million licenses worldwide. It is currently estimated that approximately 30% of users have migrated to Exchange 2000 and it is anticipated that many enterprises will make this upgrade in 2003. Nemx’s latest offering is designed to meet the growing need for secure content management solutions following the migration to Exchange 2000, and provides enterprises with protection against malicious code, SPAM, and threats to intellectual property and personal security.

Key features of Power Tools for Microsoft Exchange 2000 Advanced edition, which is tightly integrated into the Exchange 2000 architecture, without the need for proxy servers, include:

· Disclaimers for both internal and external emails.
· Internal email monitoring for violations in corporate policy and intellectual property protection
· External email monitoring for SPAM, text and file attachment violations.
· Concept scanning component for filtering internal and external messages based on message concept and intent instead of key words and phrases.
· ODBC audit logging facility for effectively managing events associated with trigger-able messages, providing a foundation to be accessed by third-party report generators.

“As the first company to develop anti-virus products for the Exchange client – and now the first to include disclaimers in every email message sent and received through the server – Nemx continues to lead the way in secure content control and the fight against Spam,” said John Young, President of Nemx Software. “With the Advanced edition of Power Tools we provide enterprises with a tool to limit corporate liability and take their protection from potentially harmful and costly messages one step further. With our product, enterprises will be able to defend against outside threats while ensuring that e-mail is used according to their corporate policies.”

Power Tools for Microsoft Exchange 2000 comes in two editions, Advanced and Internet edition. Both editions provide a set of content management extensions and services designed to protect, safeguard and extend any enterprise’s Exchange 2000 server environment. Power Tools is the first native Exchange product to employ Reverse Blacklist Technology (RBL), which provides real time information on known spamming hosts, enabling users to effectively “kill” 85% of incoming SPAM, increase overall Exchange performance, and decrease message storage requirements. Multiple RBL weighting and white lists provide efficient control of inaccurate blacklist databases, resulting in fewer “false positives” and “false negatives” than other secure content management systems.

Pricing and Availability
The Advanced Edition of Power Tools for Microsoft Exchange 2000 will be commercially available January 2003. Pricing is dependent on components selected and number of connectors and/or mailboxes. The product is priced starting at $999 USD for a 50-user license. The Internet Edition has been available since Oct 2001 and is priced starting at $795 per Front-End Exchange SMTP server.

About Nemx Software Corporation
Nemx Software Corporation was established in 1994 to provide adaptable security solutions for the Microsoft Exchange environment. Nemx was the first company to develop anti-virus products for the Microsoft Exchange client. Since then, the company has designed products to work seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. The company’s products meet the growing need for secure email content management, protection from viruses and SPAM, and monitors for inappropriate employee behavior and content. Nemx Software has 3000 customers around the world, and is based in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Nemx Software, please visit

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