InfoExpress Releases New Web Agent for CyberGatekeeper

Policy Enforcer New web agent prevents unsafe connections to intranets, with no end-user software or configuration required

Mountain View, CA – December 18, 2002 – In a key update to its remote access policy enforcement system, security pioneer InfoExpress today announced that the latest version of the CyberGatekeeper Suite now offers policy enforcement for web-based applications.

CyberGatekeeper lets administrators enforce security policies for remote computers accessing the corporate network over remote connections, such as VPN, wireless, dial-up, and extranet. It proactively audits systems before allowing access to the corporate network. Systems failing to adhere to customer-designed policies and security requirements are denied access to the company network.

The new CyberGatekeeper Web Agent eliminates the need to install client software on remote systems. When users launch their web browsers, the web agent automatically audits their systems. System configurations are compared with custom security policies to inspect application, file, and system configurations. Users whose systems fail to meet security standards must correct the deficiency before access to the company network is allowed.

Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress, said, “CyberGatekeeper ensures strict enforcement of configurations and applications on systems used by employees. The new web agent ensures that business partners also meet security standards dictated by the organization. Enforcing security requirements for all remote systems means that companies can mitigate the additional risks from giving third parties access to the corporate network.”

Todd Nakano, vice president of marketing for InfoExpress, added that, “The CyberGatekeeper Web Agent does not require software to be installed on the user’s system and requires absolutely no configuration. This eases the effort to deploy and support our solution to employees, consultants, and business partners.”

This feature will be available in CyberGatekeeper Policy Manager 1.3, which will ship in December 2002.

A complete CyberGatekeeper system consists of the CyberGatekeeper appliance, an agent running on remote systems, and a policy manager to specify the requirements for remote desktop configurations. The agent reports details back to the appliance, which decides whether to allow or deny access. The policy manager supports multiple policies, servers, and central management.

About InfoExpress
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