RSA Security Enhances Security for Wireless LAN Environments

RSA Security Inc., announced the availability of new functionality for the industry-leading RSA SecurID two-factor authentication solution that enables enhanced protection in WLAN environments. Without the proper security measures in place, wireless connectivity will continue to be a major risk until more robust authentication protocols are adopted. Now, by securing WLANs with the proven solution for two-factor user authentication, organizations can realize the full benefits of WLANs – including cost reduction and productivity enhancement – while reducing the risk of exposing mission-critical data and resources to unauthorized access.

WLAN is viewed as a critical business tool for many organizations because the technology represents an ideal way to link users – of PCs, laptops, PDAs and other mobile devices – to the Internet and internal networks without hard-wired connections. However, with the enhanced mobility of wireless networks also comes serious security threats, because any confidential data that is flowing over these networks – including financial transactions, credit card numbers and proprietary company information – can be easily exposed or compromised if not properly secured. User authentication in a WLAN environment is typically done through the use of weak, static passwords that are particularly vulnerable to hacking. This prevents organizations from using their WLANs for critical business purposes, limiting their effectiveness. With the RSA SecurID solution, organizations can now replace weak passwords with strong, two-factor user authentication, protecting their WLANs environments for more strategic or sensitive applications.

RSA SecurID two-factor authentication is designed to provide a fast, simple and highly reliable way to verify a user’s identity before granting access to a protected resource. Traditionally used to protect access to networks, Web pages, VPNs, and business applications in a wired environment, RSA SecurID functionality has now been extended to protect access to WLANs. With more than 13 million devices deployed, the RSA SecurID solution is the de facto standard in two-factor authentication. The solution uses patented, time-synchronous technology to provide two-factor user authentication by combining a token or smart card with a secret PIN. RSA Security offers its authenticators in multiple form factors including three hardware styles, software versions that run on PCs, PDAs and mobile phones, and various smart card options.

Bill McQuaide, senior vice president of the Authentication division at RSA Security said: “Strong security is always the starting point for any wireless business environment, and by securing wireless LAN environments with RSA SecurID user authentication software leveraging new protocols like PEAP, wireless LAN vendors will be able to provide the products that allow businesses to extend a higher level of trust to their wireless business processes without inconveniencing corporate users or IT staff. RSA Security and its strategic partners are committed to developing these secure technologies and implementing strong user authentication within WLAN infrastructures – a critical requirement for driving profitability and ensuring trust in today’s economy.”

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