Application Security, Inc. Releases AppDetective for IBM DB2

NEW YORK, NY — Application Security, Inc. ( announces the availability of AppDetective for IBM DB2 Version 3.0, which is an application security vulnerability assessment scanner designed to perform network-based penetration tests and security audits. Already released for Lotus Domino, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase databases, Application Security, Inc. extends its revolutionary security methodology and knowledgebase of application-specific vulnerabilities to proactively secure and protect IBM DB2 databases. AppDetective easily locates, examines, reports, and helps fix application security holes and misconfigurations with the click of a button. (Coming soon for MySQL, Oracle Application Server, Microsoft Exchange, and IBM WebSphere)

“With more organizations relying on IBM DB2 to store their most critical information, properly securing and keeping a watch over these databases is important,” says Aaron C. Newman, Chief Technology Officer of Application Security, Inc. “AppDetective for IBM DB2 is an automated vulnerability assessment application scanner that empowers security practitioners and database administrators with an all-in-one solution to discover rogue DB2 installations, check for accounts with weak passwords, misconfigurations, and vulnerabilities.”

Automated IBM DB2 Database Discovery and Inventory AppDetective accurately locates and identifies a wide variety of applications within your network including IBM DB2, Lotus Domino, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase databases. Version numbers, patches, as well as other key application information integral for inventory purposes is presented and used for further security analysis.

Anyone Can Now Perform an IBM DB2 Security Examination AppDetective is the world’s only network-based application vulnerability assessment scanner with security penetration testing and security audit capabilities for IBM DB2. Regardless of the database security expertise level, AppDetective users are empowered to pro-actively perform automated non-intrusive attack simulations. “Zero knowledge” penetration tests and security audits can easily be performed on target IBM DB2 databases remotely over the Internet from their laptop or desktop.

Easy-to-Generate and Easy-to-Understand IBM DB2 Database Security Reports AppDetective users are empowered to provide deliverables in the form of reports to communicate IBM DB2 security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations to clients, colleagues, and everyone within their organization. Easy-to-read reports with detailed “how-to-fix” instructions and reference links empower administrators with the information they need to quickly address the security holes uncovered by AppDetective. Report generation capabilities are especially effective in checking for compliance of new regulations and requirements concerning data security and privacy within financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, government, and e-commerce all over the world.

About Application Security, Inc.
Application Security, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the security, defense, and protection of the application layer. Solutions are provided to proactively secure (penetration testing/vulnerability assessment), actively defend/monitor (intrusion detection), and protect (encryption) your most critical applications including database, groupware, application, and web servers. Free evaluation versions of products are available for download at –

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