Kerio releases MailServer 5.5 for Mac OS X

Kerio Technologies Inc. introduced its secure corporate messaging server Kerio MailServer 5.5 for Mac OS X at the Macworld expo in San Francisco. It is the first and only mail server for Macintosh that integrates the award winning McAfee Anti-Virus engine.

Kerio MailServer provides businesses with virtually all possible means of encrypted access to the mailbox — POP3, IMAP, WebMail, and even WAP for compatible mobile phones. It features unique internal antivirus protection, allowing a third-party virus scanning engine to act as an integral part of mail server. This ensures that not only SMTP traffic, but any mail activity is checked for viruses prior to delivery. Its powerful spam filter implements techniques used in high-end anti-spam systems, such as limiting the traffic that a hostile bulk mail application can potentially create to either send mail or endanger mail server stability.

Dusan Vitek, Director of Marketing for Kerio Technologies said: “The corporate mail server game for Mac OS X has been quiet of late, with just a few players. Apple’s customer base includes many types of small businesses, independent departments of large companies, and education and government institutions. Our past success with these types of customers, along with Apple’s recent increased focus on server solutions, the long-heralded security of the Mac OS, and Kerio MailServer’s combination of functionality and ease of use, made our decision to support Mac OS X a no-brainer.”

Kerio MailServer comes with a mature set of security features that corporate customers seek — secure access, enterprise-strength antivirus, and advanced spam blocking. Their support for Active Directory will allow this solution to thrive in the cross-platform computing environments, while the integrated McAfee Anti-Virus option provides protection exceeding that of most gateway scanning solutions.

Kerio MailServer for Mac OS X is available in two flavors, one with integrated McAfee Anti-virus, the other one without.

Kerio MailServer 5.5 is US$395 for the standard version and US$679 for the version with integrated McAfee antivirus.

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