DataPower Delivers World’s Fastest XML Web Services Security Gateway

DataPower Technology announced the availability of the DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway, a first-of-its-kind network device purpose-built to secure XML-based applications at wirespeed across the entire enterprise with ease. The XS40 is the only device to combine wirespeed performance, comprehensive security and future-proof agility to allow enterprises to overcome the largest barrier to adopting XML Web Services both internally and externally.

Eugene Kuznetsov, founder, president & CTO of DataPower Technology said: “DataPower’s innovative XS40 product comes both from our original vision of a horizontal XML-aware network infrastructure and from our customers’ need for a practical solution. A single XS40 securely enables multiple applications without changing their code, and easily reconfigures to support future versions of XML security standards, to protect against yet-unknown threats or to enforce new corporate policies. And our announcement today of the first discloseable XS40 customer demonstrates the great success of our approach in real-world deployments.”

The XS40 Security Gateway delivers a comprehensive set of security functions that are easy to implement across enterprise applications and seamlessly integrate with existing security systems. With a choice of familiar interfaces, the XS40 enables a full range of security policies to be implemented as needed, without requiring application code changes or XML-trained network managers. The XS40 is the only device to integrate XML/SOAP filtering, encryption, digital signatures, and data validation at the message level or at the XML field level. With a straightforward GUI for rapid, secure deployment and an advanced standards-based interface for sophisticated policy definition, the XS40 satisfies the needs of both IT operations and business applications.

The XS40 XML Security Gateway is a complete product built from the ground up with full XML security in mind. To further ensure that the XS40 is ready for real-world deployments, DataPower brought in @stake to assess the functionality of the XS40 XML Security Gateway and to conduct vulnerability testing. Christopher Darby, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of @stake said: “With the XS40, DataPower addresses critical requirements for providing XML Web Services security.”

For detailed information about the XS40 XML Security Gateway visit this page. The datasheet for the product is available in PDF format here.

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