Dimension Data Launches Security Assessment and Risk Management Service

Dimension Data Holdings launched Surveyor for Security, a security assessment and risk management service. This service assesses a company’s entire IT environment, examines the probability and impact associated with security risks, and delivers a remediation roadmap to ensure that the appropriate people, tools, and processes are in place to provide adequate asset protection.

David Stelzl, Dimension Data’s national solutions director for Security said: “While companies spend almost their entire security budget on protection, Dimension Data believes that it is actually detection and response that are the more critical components. Security goes beyond firewalls and routers. Companies must assess and understand the complexities of the entire infrastructure. We use our expertise to develop a comprehensive, well-implemented and managed security plan throughout the application network (which we define as the convergence of application integration and network infrastructure).”

Dimension Data’s Certified Information Systems Security Professionals and security engineers prioritize recommendations and decrease necessary expenditures without increasing a client’s vulnerability. These security experts analyze an organization’s assets and business drivers and use commercial assessment tools and hands-on analysis to examine all layers of the IT system – including people, processes, technology, applications, and physical security. Dimension Data’s Surveyor for Security evaluates all internal policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines and sets a course for compliance with industry security standards.

“Unlike our competitors, Dimension Data not only provides the step-by-step instructions for achieving a secured environment, but also has the expertise to actually implement the necessary safeguards and provide ongoing security management and monitoring services,” added Stelzl.

For more information of Dimension Data Security Services click here.

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