Zix Corporation Selected by National Health Service of West Surrey to Provide Secure e-Messaging for Healthcare Community

Marple Limited, a ZixCorp Partner, Helps West Surrey Health Community Comply with United Kingdom Mandates Using ZixVPMTM

DALLAS — Jan. 21, 2003 — Zix Corporation (ZixCorpâ„?), (Nasdaq: ZIXI), a global provider of secure e-messaging services, today announced a two-year agreement with the West Surrey Health Community, part of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), to provide secure emessaging for the regional healthcare community. The NHS is managed by the UK Department of Health and is made up of a wide range of health professionals, support workers and organizations providing healthcare for all citizens in the UK. Using ZixCorp’s service-based ZixVPMâ„? (ZixVirtual Private Messenger), the West Surrey Health Community can ensure the secure electronic transfer of private health information to anyone with an email address.

ZixCorp’s services were sold to the NHS by the company’s UK reseller, Marple Limited, an IT consulting group in the UK established in 1990 and a global partner of ZixCorp. The company specializes in providing best-of-breed security solutions to both the public and private sectors. With the health sector currently representing over 90% of the company’s business turnover, Marple has significant ties to the healthcare community.

“The British Medical Association (BMA) requires that all patient identifiable data be encrypted over any network, including the NHS private network, which has its own authentication and confidentiality requirements for email transmission,” said Tony Halil, local implementation strategy manager of West Surrey Health Community. “Our objective is to protect patients’ private health information. ZixVPM is an excellent choice for providing cost-effective and interoperable secure e-messaging for West Surrey as well as the other local service organizations in the NHS looking for a solution.”

John Charnock, director of Marple Limited, believes ZixCorp solutions will help improve the healthcare community’s communications. “This is a perfect solution for organizations that need to communicate securely to individuals and companies outside their networks. Recognizing that all trusts in the NHS communicate regularly via email, we knew that ZixCorp solutions would provide the necessary interoperability for this situation. We intend to demonstrate this solution and share this application to the other trusts under the NHS umbrella.”

Wael Mohamed, vice president, global distribution for ZixCorp, said “We are glad to provide West Surrey Health Community with a service that not only helps protect it from negligence issues regarding the transfer of private health information, but also provides the healthcare community with send-toanyone capabilities, an important requirement for organizations needing to communicate securely between various IT infrastructures.”

“We are glad to welcome Marple Limited to ZixCorp,” he continued. “Our partnership with Marple continues to further our global strategy of penetrating targeted geographies, such as the UK and other European countries, through service-oriented companies with a strong presence in the region and the sector. We look forward to working with Marple to fill the needs of our mutual customers for secure emessaging in the UK.”

About the NHS
The National Health Service was set up in 1948 to provide healthcare for all citizens, based on need, not the ability to pay. It is made up of 450 trusts representing doctors and other healthcare professionals from every branch of medicine including a wide range of health professionals, support workers and organizations. The NHS aims to bring about the highest level of physical and mental health for all citizens, within the resources available, by: promoting health and preventing ill-health, diagnosing and treating injury and disease and caring for those with a long-term illness and disability who require the services of the NHS. For more information, please see www.nhs.uk.

About Marple Limited
Marple Limited is an information technology services company that offers a comprehensive portfolio of security products to complement key business areas, particularly in healthcare. Established in 1990 and located in the northwest of England, Marple also offers in-house consultancy services to small- and medium-sized enterprises including LAN design, WAN configuration, Microsoft licensing issues, email solutions, Web hosting, and more. Visit http://www.marple.co.uk for more information about Marple.

About Zix Corporation
Zix Corporation (ZixCorpâ„?) is a global provider of comprehensive, easy-to-deploy secure emessaging solutions and services. From assessment and verification tools, to desktop and enterprise services, ZixCorp’s cost-effective solutions enable organizations to leverage email as a businesscritical application to securely exchange sensitive and highly confidential information. Additional information about ZixCorp can be found at www.zixcorp.com.

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