Diversinet Granted Patent for Preventing Online Authentication System Downtime in the Event of an Attack

TORONTO, Canada, January 30, 2003 – Diversinet Corp. (NASDAQ Small Cap: DVNTD), a leading provider of secured mobile solutions, today announced that it has been granted a patent for the “System and Method for Reliable Key Transfer.”

The “System and Method for Reliable Key Transfer,” or Root Key Rollover technology, is an effective business continuity tool for trust and public key infrastructure (PKI) systems preventing downtime in the event of a compromise, thereby eliminating missed business opportunities and negative impact on end-users.

Diversinet’s Root Key Rollover technology enables service providers to deliver a replacement root certificate to users securely and seamlessly. Traditional techniques do not allow for replacing a root certificate effectively. In a situation where the key is lost, stolen or destroyed, the service provider is unable to provide users with an updated root certificate and therefore has to rebuild the system from scratch. This causes significant system downtime and incurs great expense as administrators re-register and re-initialize users with new root keys and certificates.

Root Key Rollover is ideal for large-scale mobile commerce and online transaction applications, such as national lotteries, virtual credit cards and digital ID cards, where stringent authentication security is required for a large number of users. The technology greatly enhances the reliability of large systems allowing service providers to setup an effective risk management program to reduce the worry of business interruptions and lost revenue due to downtime and re-initializing millions of users in the event of a compromise.

“One of the key measures of success for an information security plan is the ability to prevent a system failure because of a trust compromise,” said Hussam Mahgoub, Vice President of Products, Diversinet Corp. “Diversinet’s Root Key Rollover technology greatly increases the reliability of online authentication systems in wireless and wired applications making it an ideal choice for mass market deployments.”

Other applications that would benefit from Root Key Rollover technology are the authentication of electronically distributed software such as mobile games, e-Business websites and mobile payment applications where transactions are secured using digital signatures.

Root Key Rollover comes standard in Diversinet’s security products and is also available in standalone toolkit or OEM form.

About Diversinet Corp.
Diversinet is a leading provider of secured mobile solutions to the enterprise, financial services, and gaming and wagering marketplaces. With demonstrated expertise in wireless and security, Diversinet delivers secure, reliable and scalable mobile solutions through security products and professional services such as application development and integration, consulting, training and technical support. Diversinet enables customers and their employees to securely access applications and critical corporate information from anywhere, at anytime and via any mobile device.

Diversinet is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Fremont, California; Hong Kong, SAR; and London, England. For more information visit www.diversinet.com.

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