Cyber-Ark Unveils Inter-Business Vault 2.0

Provides a Powerful, Yet Transparent, Security Solution to Protect and Share Vital Company Information Across the Extended Enterprise

Dedham, MA – February 10, 2003 – Cyber-Ark Software Inc., the information security software company that invented and markets Vaulting Technology, today unveiled Inter-Business Vault 2.0. Inter-Business Vault (IBV) provides everything organizations require to create safe havens for protecting and sharing vital business information across the extended enterprise. With the addition of several new powerful Gateways, Version 2.0 dramatically improves performance, scalability and accessibility-enabling an enterprise’s business partners and suppliers to access Vaulted information as if it were located on their own networks.

Large organizations typically share their most sensitive information-ranging from product designs to contracts-via slow couriers, delivery services, or expensive leased lines or Value-added Networks (VANs). Many have moved to the Internet, but struggle to integrate a diverse group of point security products and connectivity solutions that only secure a portion of vital communications. Integrating, using and managing all of these solutions can be expensive, time-consuming and often overwhelming to everyday business users. Built on Cyber-Ark’s patented Vaulting Technology, IBV eliminates the traditional tradeoff between security and accessibility. For the first time, organizations have everything required to both protect and share information across the extended enterprise-without compromising security, accessibility or performance-at a fraction of the cost of disparate security solutions or VANs.

“Companies have to protect vital business and customer information, yet need to rapidly and easily share information throughout the entire enterprise,” said Pete Lindstrom, research director for Spire Security. “Cyber-Ark’s Inter-Business Vault employs a number of preventive and detective techniques to allow departments and companies to share sensitive files-replacing a mixed bag of FTP and VPN security solutions-across the enterprise. Organizations now have a single point of administration that allows each department to securely interact with each other.”

Gateways Maximize Security, Performance, Accessibility and Management

IBV Version 2.0 adds three new Gateways that give organizations maximum flexibility, performance and accessibility for the Vault. A new HTTP Gateway provides a simplified Web interface that eliminates the need for business partners to install any client-side software. Enterprises can also leverage a new FTP Gateway that enables enterprises to add powerful security to existing FTP communications overnight. And a new Common Internet File System (CIFS) Gateway, will provide a completely transparent means of connecting to the Vault, enabling users to access Vaulted information as if it were just another drive in Windows Explorer.

“Today’s enterprise organizations view electronic communications with partners, suppliers and customers as critical to their operational success and competitive differentiation. At the same time, they are plagued with security challenges, face massive IT diversity across the extended enterprise and often find themselves in situations where they can’t dictate IT policy or practice to partners,” said Ed Gregory, president of Cyber-Ark Software. “Inter-Business Vault eliminates these major headaches-partners, suppliers and customers get robust security and performance, as well as a variety of client options that can make Vaulting virtually invisible to end users and easy to implement without a forklift upgrade to anyone’s IT systems.”

In addition, IBV’s new Gateways dramatically increase performance and ease administrative burdens. Caching and compression enables end users to access documents up to 30 times faster than a typical extranet or VPN connection. Distributed administration lets partners manage their own end users-eliminating the headaches of trying to manage multiple partners’ end users or technologies. And by supporting a variety of distributed authentication mechanisms, including tokens and smart cards, end users can leverage their existing LAN sign-on to access the Vault-delivering additional layers of security without introducing a vast array of new log-in procedures or passwords.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing is based on the number of servers and clients deployed by customers. Version 2.0 with the FTP and HTTP Gateways is available immediately; the CIFS Gateway will be available later this quarter.

About Cyber-Ark
Cyber-Ark Software Inc., is the leading provider of vaulting security software that leverages its unique patented Vaulting Technology to create safe havens for securing and sharing vital company information. The Company’s award-winning Network Vault and Inter-Business Vault solutions enable a truly secure extended enterprise by providing an infrastructure that allows for completely transparent, yet totally secure, intra- and inter- business communications.

Founded by a group of leading military security experts and computer engineers, Cyber-Ark Software is privately held and backed by some of the world’s most successful venture capitalists, including Jerusalem Venture Partners, Seed Capital Partners (a SOFTBANK Affiliate), JP Morgan/Chase Partners, Vertex Management and Nomura International Plc.

The Company is located in Dedham, Mass. and on the World Wide Web at

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