Panda Software Promotes Internet Security Across the USA

Throughout 2003, the leading antivirus developer will participate in the IP3 IT Security Workshop in more than twenty US cities

MADRID, February 10, 2003

Ever conscious of the invaluable role that adequate training and education plays in the fight against computer viruses, Panda Software will be participating in a range of initiatives throughout 2003, including IP3’s Security Workshop, which is to be held in more than twenty cities across the United States.

The IT Security education workshop provides IT professionals with the knowledge and content needed to establish an end-to-end security strategy for their organizations. The workshop addresses issues including the SANS/FBI Top 20 security vulnerabilities, access control management, intrusion detection and response, antivirus protection, content filtering and spam control.

Panda Software’s participation in the workshop is headed by Patrick Hinojosa, Chief Technology Officer of Panda Software USA, and Advisor to the Chairman of the Business Advisory Council. “Panda Software is proud to be able to contribute to IP3’s efforts in helping IT professionals advance technically and professionally by offering continuing education. In this day and age of heightened security awareness, we are assisting in these seminars in order to help companies be better protected against all security threats,” explains Hinojosa.

IP3 IT Security Workshop is organized by IP3 Inc ( ), a leading provider of IT security training and education. IP3 Inc provides a full range of services targeted at assisting emerging and expanding technology companies including: strategic product guidance on modifying the IP product, educational marketing, technical training, product support, and channel development and management.

More information on IP3 IT Security Workshop at:

About Panda Software
Panda Software ( is a leading international developer of antivirus software for all types of customers: corporate clients, small and medium sized companies, and home users. Their 100% in-house, cutting-edge antivirus technology has received awards and quality certifications from the most widely-respected IT security institutions. Their commitment to client service and the concept of the protection of computer systems as a 24h-365d Insurance Policy rather than merely a software product have revolutionized the computer security industry. The quality of Panda Software’s products has been endorsed by major industry watchdogs including ICSA Labs and Checkmark.

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