New CryptoHeaven Packages For Small Business

High Level Online Security At Low Cost

TORONTO, ON (February 10, 2003) – CryptoHeaven Development Team announces a new version of CryptoHeaven(tm), the firm’s signature encryption security software, designed for small and mid-sized businesses.

CryptoHeaven provides secure email, online storage and collaboration software, making it easy for even the smallest business to transmit sensitive communications securely over the Internet. Data files of any size can be shared or transmitted instantly, even stored in cyberspace, without compromising security.

Higher Levels of Security

CryptoHeaven utilizes 256-bit encryption for all data leaving or entering your computer, adding a second layer of protection to traditional secure channel transmissions. The entire communication remains encrypted as it travels through the secure channel pipeline. Even if the pipeline is broken into, the attacker cannot decipher the data. “There’s no way unauthorized parties can access your data or break into your transmissions,” says Marcin Kurzawa, President and CEO of CryptoHeaven Development Team. “All data is safely locked within our strong encryption with codes fully controlled by the sender and the recipient. There are no third party key holders.”

Easy To Implement And Use

CryptoHeaven software requires no special hardware. All that’s needed is Internet access and a computer. There is no complex training. Anyone capable of using a web browser can begin using CryptoHeaven immediately. Everyone in the data loop, including clients and staff, can access CryptoHeaven from anywhere in the world using the Internet and the authorized CryptoHeaven identification.

Saves Time And Money

Transmitting documents, including drawings, blueprints, pictures and text files securely over the Internet is safer, easier and less expensive than sending documents via overnight express—and the data exchange is instantaneous, any where in the world. All data functions, including secure email, online data storage, data backup, file sharing, document distribution, instant messaging and even secure online group chats are fully integrated. CryptoHeaven manages everything, including storage and backup, for a moderate fee. CryptoHeaven’s online business services can be sampled via free download. For more details, contact CryptoHeaven, 5-2325 Hurontario St., Ste. 206 Mississauga, ON, L5A-4K4, Canada. Phone: 647-439-0463 or visit


CryptoHeaven Development Team is an Internet Privacy and Security group with Secure Data Center servers located in Toronto, Canada. The company’s flagship software, CryptoHeaven? allows businesses and individuals to send secure data communication over the Internet.

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