SSH Unveils New Toolkit For Securing Web-Based Remote Management Of Network Devices

SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1 Provides Developers with a Complete Set of Interoperable, Cost-Effective Authentication Security Tools

HELSINKI, FINLAND, PALO ALTO, Calif. and TOKYO, JAPAN – Feb. 18, 2003 – SSH Communications Security (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading developer of Internet security solutions, today announced the SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1. The new toolkit will enable manufacturers of network devices (routers, VPNs, firewalls, and networked home appliances) and software vendors looking for TLS (Transport Layer Security) or PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) implementations, to secure Web-based remote management of network devices, as well as enable centralized authentication for network devices.

“Network administrators and ISPs are constantly facing the issues of ease of deployment and management in network architecture, and with the increased demand for high-speed Internet access, the same issues now exist for remote hardware such as cable and xDSL modems”, said Tatu Yl?¶nen, CTO of SSH Communications Security Corp. “The standards-based SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1 answers our customers needs with robust security and cost effectiveness, seamless integration, multi-vendor interoperability, and a flexible platform for ease of deployment and maintenance.”

With SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1, these customers can take advantage of the well-known and widely deployed Internet protocol while maintaining interoperability with current SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)-based applications. SSH’s new toolkit offers further benefits such as:

* Seamless integration – SSH’s Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1 offers developers the ability to seamlessly integrate TLS technology with SSH QuickSec?” Toolkit for Access Networks.
* Security for Web-based remote administration – Networked devices provide often an easy-to-use Web-based interface to allow administrators access for various purposes (checking access logs, changing network parameters), but if this management connection is not properly secured (as with TLS), the device is left open to attack by for example eavesdropping the administrator password.
* Scalability in user and device authentication – When networks consist of tens or hundreds of devices (e.g., VPNs and broadband modems) that must communicate securely, the pre-shared key approach that is currently widely used does not scale up. SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit implements the device side of X.509 certificate and PKI technologies to solve the problem. SSH Certifier provides the server-side component.

In addition, SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1 provides the following features:

* TLSv1/SSLv2/SSLv3 protocol with sample HTTP server
* Both Client and Server certificates supported
* TLS proxy
* X.509 certificate processing and validation engine with RSA and DSA certificate support
* PKCS#11, PKCS#12 support
* CMPv2 and SCEP certificate enrolment protocols
* HTTP, LDAP and OCSP protocols for automatic certificate validation
* End-entity certificate, CA certificate and CRL generation tools * Interoperable with all major CAs

Pricing and Availability
The SSH Certificate/TLS Toolkit 5.1 is available for licensing and immediate delivery. For more information, contact SSH sales at or contact SSH sales in Helsinki, Finland, at +358 20 500 7030, Palo Alto, Calif., USA, at +1 650 251 2700 or Tokyo, Japan at +81 3 3459 6830.

About SSH Communications Security
SSH Communications Security, a world-leading supplier of Internet security solutions, offers a broad range of award-winning products designed to address the most critical security issues for businesses, financial institutions and governments worldwide. SSH’s award-winning remote access software, SSH Secure Shell, the de facto standard for secure remote access and data transfer, and SSH Sentinel(TM), a feature-rich remote access VPN “smart” client are ideal solutions for securing wireline and wireless networks. The SSH Certifier(TM) product family provides a robust certification authority for flexible and strong authentication through digital certificates and tokens. The market-leading, award-winning SSH IPSec family of toolkits for OEMs and software developers enables fast time-to-market and reduced in-house development costs. SSH’s customers include market leaders Compaq, Ericsson, Intel, Lucent Technologies, Nokia, RSA, and Sun Microsystems, among others. SSH is traded publicly on the Helsinki Exchanges under HEX:SSH1V. For more information, please visit

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