Datakey introduces Datakey Axis – A Solution for Simplified Access and Identity Management

Datakey Axis increases productivity and lowers costs by consolidating credentials on one smart card and giving administrators a single point to manage user identity and access throughout the company

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 20, 2003 – Datakey Inc. (Nasdaq: DKEY;, today announced its comprehensive solution for simplifying access and identity management throughout large and medium-size enterprises, Datakey Axis.

Datakey Axis addresses key challenges that many organizations face when managing how users log-on to corporate resources like their network, company applications, a VPN or protected web site. Common authentication methods – such as passwords or digital certificates – typically are hard to remember, hard to use, costly to administer, vulnerable to security threats or difficult to change. Each user maintains many passwords, and each time the user forgets a password, it costs companies time and money to reset it – a cost that quickly adds up.

To solve these challenges, Datakey Axis consolidates all credentials (passwords, certificates, shared secrets, biometric templates) on one smart card and automates user access to corporate applications through a single smart card sign-on. For the administrator, Datakey Axis automates policy, credential and desktop management through a powerful Management Center, making it much easier to configure and deploy smart cards for access to a complete range of corporate resources – without touching the infrastructure or requiring any changes to existing applications. And with Datakey Axis, administrators can enforce strong password policies and automatically push updated credentials to user smart cards without the user knowing the password or taking any action.

Large and medium-sized enterprises benefit from rapid ROI through an increase in productivity and a reduction in administrator workload.

“Reducing costs while delivering better customer service is – almost universally – the most challenging part of being in charge of IT today,” said Jim Hurley, vice president of security and privacy with Aberdeen Group. “By reducing the dependence on incompatible logon and password systems, Datakey Axis provides IT buyers with the opportunity to improve user productivity and deliver better accountability for user access to critical applications and data, while trimming operating expenses.”

Building on a strong foundation
Datakey Axis builds on Datakey’s core smart card technology, already well established and proven in customer environments around the world. Based on this solid foundation, Datakey Axis with Rapid Deploy Technologyâ„? adds desktop security applications and credential management capabilities to deliver enterprise-class control of user identity and access. The result is a turnkey package that enhances and simplifies security in both Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and non-PKI environments.

Key benefits and features include:

Single-point configuration and deployment – Datakey Axis gives administrators a powerful Management Center for configuring and deploying smart cards throughout the organization. Datakey Axis delivers an end-to-end identity management solution that integrates all physical and logical access across the enterprise.

Datakey Axis is the single point that enables smart card-based security for applications like:

Single Sign-On to network, corporate and web applications
Windows log-on
Secure remote access through VPN/RAS
Secure e-mail
File/Folder encryption
Building access (when combined with physical access technologies)

Automated credential management – Administrators have complete control in defining, enforcing and enabling how users get access to enterprise applications. The administrator can establish strong password policies that are automatically enforced by Datakey Axis. Passwords can be changed as often as desired and transparently “pushed” to a user’s smart card when the user logs into the network, without the user ever knowing. Password policy enforcement takes place automatically and requires no action on the user’s part.

Automated desktop management – Through Datakey Axis Rapid Deploy Technologyâ„?, administrators can define, build and deploy consistent desktop environments that are centered on the smart card as the cornerstone of user access to all corporate resources. Client desktop updates take place automatically, without any user action.

“Datakey Axis makes it easier, more practical and very cost effective for organizations to deploy and use smart card-based security in their environments, with or without a PKI in place,” said Carl Boecher, president and CEO, Datakey. “More important in today’s environment, enterprises can realize a demonstrable return on investment while implementing stronger security.”

Datakey Axis will be available beginning in April 2003.

About Datakey Inc.
Datakey Inc. ( focuses on delivering complete smart card-based solutions that simplify access and identity management throughout the enterprise. Datakey’s comprehensive solution set makes it easier to administer digital identities and to manage user access to a full range of corporate resources. Our solutions reduce administrative costs while at the same time providing stronger security. In turn, Datakey solutions make it much more convenient and secure for users to login to company resources by consolidating all digital credentials – including passwords, digital certificates, VPN/dial-up credentials and biometric data – onto one smart card and automating access through a reduced number of sign-ons.

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