Port80 Software Launches PageXchanger, the First Windows Web Server Tool that Eliminates File Extensions for More Secure, User-Friendly and Maintainable Web Applications

SAN DIEGO, CA – March 18, 2003 – Port80 Software, Inc., a developer of software modules to secure, accelerate and customize Microsoft’s Internet Information Server (IIS), introduces PageXchanger: an IIS server module that permits the removal of file extensions from URLs and source code. The software allows developers to separate content from the underlying Web technology, providing a powerful form of content negotiation so that Web sites can use cleaner URLs or URIs in source code and browser displays. PageXchanger hides accessed file types from the site visitor by enabling developers to remove any extension (.html, .asp, .php, .gif, etc.) from source code, making Microsoft IIS-based Web sites and applications more secure (application layer masking), more friendly (file presentation based on browser and server preferences) and easier to maintain (faster migration to new technologies).

“Content negotiation has been largely ignored in commercial Web server software, even though it is a part of the HTTP specification, supported by the Apache Web server, and recommended by thought leaders such as Tim Berners-Lee, who coined the phrase “Cool URIs don’t change,'” said Joseph Lima, COO of Port80 Software. “PageXchanger allows you to abstract your URLs or URIs and source code away from the underlying Web site technology that makes your Web application work. Why expose the wiring to your users? Port80’s PageXchanger abstraction allows you to enhance security, negotiate content, and migrate faster and more cost-effectively to new technologies.”

With clean URLs, site security is strengthened by not displaying the technology a Web site was built upon to site visitors (or potential hackers). PageXchanger obscures the Web site’s technology platform and stops hacker exploits like direct URL guesses and source sifting. Such server anonymization is an important part of network security, as evidenced by the growing popularity of products like Port80 Software’s ServerMask, which stops IIS Web servers from broadcasting HTTP data used by hackers to fingerprint a Web server and attack it.

PageXchanger allows for multiple forms of content to be served automatically. For example, PageXchanger provides an easy way to provide the same page in multiple languages and have content served up appropriately based on the user’s default language settings in their Web browser. The IIS server module also provides the opportunity to present multiple forms of images or other data. With PageXchanger, developers can use PNG images, XHTML, client-side XML and other advanced technologies along side existing content safely and easily without complex browser detection or rewriting the entire Web site code.

PageXchanger separates content from the underlying Web site technologies, saving time and money by presenting persistent URLs in all company communications and avoiding annoying redirects or broken links. Migration from one technology to another, say from ColdFusion to ASP, is faster, more reliable, and completely transparent to end users.

PageXchanger is a fast, robust IIS module that can be installed and configured in less than two minutes. It has a small memory footprint and is based on a super fast ISAPI filter with minimal server performance impact. PageXchanger runs on Windows NT, 2000 and XP with IIS 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1 and is compatible with major third party server-side scripting platforms and all of Port80’s IIS server modules. PageXchanger is available for a free 30 day trial download and $99.95 for a permanent single server license at www.port80software.com. Discounted multi-server licenses are available by request.

About Port80 Software
Port80 Software, Inc. is an innovative developer of software products aimed at Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) focused Web site administrators, developers and owners. Port80 products enhance IIS functionality, security, performance and user experience, augmenting IIS with on-par or better features than those provided by the Apache server. Port80 Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner located in San Diego, CA. Additional information about the company is available on the Internet at www.port80software.com.

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