Web Services to get a boost from Ingrian Networks’ e-Transaction Privacy Security Platform

Ingrian Networks launches into the UK to offer the first integrated security platform to address the six critical requirements of e-Transaction Privacy

26th March 2003 – Ingrian Networks, leading provider of secure web transaction solutions, today announces its expansion into the UK market. With the arrival of Ingrian’s e-Transaction Privacy solutions, the growing number of UK companies and organisations that are looking to, or are already conducting their entire business processes over the web, can now feel confident that the exchange of sensitive information remains completely secure whilst traversing the internet and in storage on enterprise servers – where 60 per cent of security managers fail to secure critical data.

Ingrian Networks currently offers the only security solution on the market to integrate all six of the critical security requirements for secure web transactions onto a single platform, encompassing authentication, encryption, real time application protection, secure storage, cryptographic key management and audit functions. Using Ingrian’s solution, web based transactions including e-commerce, email, ERP and a range of other applications, remain completely secure from the moment data is sent across the internet until it reaches it’s end destination, where it remains secure beyond the enterprise firewall.

With local government bodies under pressure to meet the 2005 deadline of web-enabling access to local public services, and with UK enterprises likely to follow, organisations that pursue a web-based model are directly responsible for the protection of sensitive data relating to their organisation, customers, employees, suppliers and partners, under the Data Protection Act. With more users exchanging and processing more information via the web from multiple locations and over different infrastructure, ensuring the privacy of sensitive data can be a complex and challenging process.

“Some organisations remain reluctant to migrate towards a web-enabled business model because they are concerned about the privacy of their transactions via the web,” explained Jim Vogt, president and CEO of Ingrian Networks. “By providing complete end-end privacy of transaction data across the internet and in storage, Ingrian’s solutions allow companies to extend their business and security boundaries, and gives them the confidence to reap the benefits of operating as a trusted web-enabled organisation.”

Vogt continued, “In recent months we’ve witnessed serious data theft amongst an increasing number of companies with strong perimeter security systems. Just recently, one company lost 8 million credit card numbers following a security breach. One of the reasons these problems have occurred is that enterprises have not had the solutions necessary to complement their existing perimeter defence systems and ensure the complete privacy of transaction data, especially when sensitive data is stored on enterprise servers. By providing complete, end-to-end privacy of web transactions, across the internet and within the enterprise, Ingrian’s solutions effectively address this problem,” he said.

Heading up the UK sales operations for Ingrian Networks will be James Blom, Director of Operations for EMEA. “We’re experiencing a strong demand for our e-Transaction Privacy solution across a variety of vertical markets, especially financial services, government, healthcare and e-business,” said Blom. With UK enterprises and organisations suffering the 2nd highest security incidents in the world after the U.S., and with an increasing number of organisations looking to eventually adopt web services and the notion of the extended enterprise, Ingrian’s solution can significantly reduce the risk and address the very specific security requirements of a web-based model,” he said.

To effectively answer customers’ requirements, Ingrian has laid out an architectural strategy focused on ensuring complete, end-end e-Transaction Privacy, across the Internet and within the enterprise. As a result, the company has aligned product development in six key areas:

1. Access Control – authenticating and authorising individual users involved in any secure Web transaction
2. Secure Connectivity – providing a secure transaction path between two Web entities, from remote web clients to internal servers and databases
3. Application Protection – inspecting and filtering transaction data, thereby stopping threats to transaction data before they reach servers
4. Secure Storage – protecting sensitive data in storage on back-end servers and databases at the conclusion of a transaction
5. Key Management – securing the cryptographic keys used throughout the private transaction
6. Audit reports – generating audit trails on transaction participants, applications, servers and data

Ingrian solutions for e-Transaction Privacy consist of patent-pending security software integrated into a family of Secure Transaction Platforms. Each platform offers such capabilities as intelligent cryptography, SSL acceleration, private key management, certificate administration, content filtering, secure caching, and more. The platforms support a variety of Service Engine software modules that offer additional privacy and performance capabilities.

For more information on Ingrian solutions for e-Transaction Privacy, visit the company’s web site at www.ingrian.com

About Ingrian Networks
Ingrian Networks delivers information security solutions for complete e-Transaction Privacy, enabling forward-looking businesses to protect their applications and data in transit across the internet and in storage within the enterprise. The company’s comprehensive application security solutions consist of patent-pending security software integrated into a family of secure transaction platforms. The result is complete end-to-end privacy of all Web-based transactions, including e-commerce, e-mail, ERP, and more. Ingrian is a privately held company backed by such investors as American Express (NYSE:AXP), Globespan Capital Partners (formerly JAFCO Ventures), Partech International, and Prism Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.ingrian.com

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