AVERT WebImmune Online AntiVirus Gets an Upgrade

Network Associates’ Anti-Virus Emergency Response Team today announced the newest version of WebImmune, its free web-based virus security service. WebImmune delivers a non-stop online antivirus solution, containing more than 67,000 known virus threats. Now with expanded tracking features, AVERT researchers can concurrently follow the spread of viruses by time zones, industry sectors and geographic location, which can aid in determining where a virus outbreak is most prevalent and can help stop the spread of Internet threats.

Vincent Gullotto, vice president of AVERT Labs stated: “As a global leader in anti-virus research, AVERT is continuing to push the envelope on the delivery of services and solutions to our customers to ensure that they have the best level of protection possible. The fact that WebImmune has received over 42,000 submissions is a testament to the ease-of-use and popularity of our technology. When determining if a file is infected with a virus or malicious code, users need a quick and accurate response and WebImmune fits the bill. With this service, we are continuing to deliver the tools and technology that our customers are asking for.”

To use WebImmune, you must cretae an user account on AVERT WebImmune homepage.

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