LT Auditor+ Security Software Bundled with Novell Netware

Blue Lance announced that a new version of LT Auditor+ has been developed exclusively for Novell and packaged with “Nakoma,” the next official release of NetWare. Named LT Auditor+ for NetWare Server Edition 1.0, the software provides NetWare users with auditing functions on individual servers. The product is only available from Novell as part of its new product offering.

“Our customers have been demanding better auditing capabilities and by including a version of LT Auditor+ with NetWare, we are providing proven, best of breed, auditing technology for our customers,” according to Ed Anderson, director of product management at Novell Inc.

LT Auditor+ is recognized as the industry standard for network security, protecting computer-managed assets inside the firewall. Among its robust capabilities are automated filtering of data, real-time monitoring and alerts, totally secure consolidation of system logs across the enterprise and dynamic reporting.

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