Datakey and Precise Biometrics Sign License Agreement

Datakey integrates Precise Match-on-Cardâ„? fingerprint technology with its client software and smart card solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, April 3, 2003 – Datakey Inc. (Nasdaq: DKEY;, a leading developer of smart card solutions that simplify access and identity management, and Precise Biometrics AB (publ), developer and provider of world leading and user-friendly biometric security solutions based on fingerprints, today announced that Datakey has signed a license agreement with Precise Biometrics for its Precise BioMatchâ„? Pro and Precise BioMatchâ„? C technology.

Under terms of the agreement, Datakey has successfully integrated Precise Match-on-Cardâ„? fingerprint technology with Datakey client software and smart cards to enable strong protection and on-card validation of a user’s fingerprint biometric. With Precise Biometrics technology built-in, Datakey now provides an integrated biometric/smart card solution for customers that want an extra level of identity certainty and the convenience of using a fingerprint for authentication to corporate applications.

Datakey will demonstrate the joint biometric and smart card solution at FOSE 2003, the largest information technology exposition serving the U.S. government marketplace. Attendees are invited to visit Datakey’s booth, No. 2626, April 8-10, at the Washington, D.C. Convention Center, to see the biometric solution in action for applications like Windows log-on and secure e-mail.

The Precise Biometrics-Datakey Smart Card Solution
Precise Biometrics’ technology for matching fingerprints on a smart card – Precise Match-on-Cardâ„? – replaces a user’s smart card PIN, serving as the secure method of authentication to activate the smart card and make use of the stored credentials (certificates and public/private keys, usernames/passwords, etc.). Organizations that need the utmost security can require their employees to use both a biometric and a PIN to authenticate to the smart card, enabling three-factor security.

Datakey software manages the enrollment of a user’s fingerprint biometric on the smart card. A user can enroll up to four templates. Once enrolled, all sensitive computations and biometric matching for authentication to the smart card take place directly on the card for maximum security. The template is stored as a private object that can never be extracted or copied, which means that the user’s privacy is protected at all times.

For users, fingerprint authentication is an easy and secure way of using their smart card for a wide range of cryptographic applications. Precise Biometrics’ fingerprint technology stored on a Datakey smart card can be used for Windows 2000/XP log-on, secure e-mail, digital signature applications and VPN access among others. In addition, Datakey client software includes an application that provides seamless smart card-based log-on to Windows 98 and NT environments using the biometric template.

“Together, Precise Biometrics and Datakey can offer a very competitive solution, which not only increases the levels of security and convenience, but also protects the user’s privacy. We are very pleased to partner with Datakey and expect that it will lead to many joint business opportunities,” said Christer Bergman, president and CEO, Precise Biometrics.

“Biometrics deliver an extremely high level of security and assurance for identifying enterprise users, tying authentication to something that can’t be lost or stolen – something that the user is,” said Tim Russell, president and CEO, Datakey. “With a Datakey smart card as the single storage medium for the biometric template and all credentials, authentication is made highly secure for the enterprise and very convenient for its users. We are excited to team with Precise, the proven leader in fingerprint authentication, as we provide a powerful, secure solution for our customers.”

About Precise Biometrics
Precise Biometrics AB is an innovative security company that supplies world-leading systems for authentication using fingerprints. The solutions supplied by the company replace keys, PIN codes and passwords. The company’s products are cost effective and provide security and comfort combined with top-class protection of personal integrity.

The range of products includes systems for access control to computers and networks and for building into mobile and terminals, such as mobile phones and portable computers. The company headquarters are in Lund, Sweden. The company also has offices in Stockholm and a U.S. subsidiary in Washington, D.C. Precise Biometrics is listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange (symbol: PREC A). For more information about Precise Biometrics, visit

About Datakey Inc.
Datakey Inc. ( focuses on delivering complete smart card-based solutions that simplify access and identity management throughout the enterprise. Datakey’s comprehensive solution set makes it easier to administer digital identities and to manage user access to a full range of corporate resources. Our solutions reduce administrative costs while at the same time providing stronger security. In turn, Datakey solutions make it much more convenient and secure for users to login to company resources by consolidating all digital credentials – including passwords, digital certificates, VPN/dial-up credentials and biometric data – onto one smart card and automating access through a single smart card sign-on.

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