Neoteris Unveils FIPS Products For U.S. Government Certified Security Deployments

Company Delivers Industry’s Only Purpose-Built Application Security Appliances that Meet Latest Stringent Federal Government Security Standards

WASHINGTON, D.C. – April 8, 2003 – Neoteris, the leading instant, secure application access vendor, today introduced the first purpose-built application security appliance that complies with the latest federal government security standards. Recognized as an industry pioneer for delivering instant secure access to customers across the high-tech, financial, healthcare, and local government sectors, Neoteris today extends the benefits of SSL-based secure access to the federal level. The company’s award-winning Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) products now meet the specific needs and procurement practices of federal agencies, as well as requirements adopted by healthcare and financial institutions that adhere to U.S. Government best practices.

Today at FOSE 2003, the company unveiled its Neoteris Access(tm) Series FIPS product lines that provide secure cryptographic key storage and dedicated transaction acceleration in a tamper-resistant module that has been certified to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 security benchmark. The FIPS 140-2 certification is the latest version of the U.S. Government’s stringent security standard for cryptographic modules. Administered by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST), and the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) of the Government of Canada, FIPS products specify security requirements designed to protect against potential threats such as hacking and other cyber crimes. The IT security products utilizing cryptography that are sold into government agencies at the federal level must comply with these stringent standards. Neoteris’ Access FIPS products will be publicly demonstrated for the first time this week at FOSE in the Neoteris Booth No. H441, as well as in the GTSI Booth No. 1903.

“Neoteris is introducing technology that addresses significant issues for government agencies,” said Carol Kelly, Vice President Government Strategies, META Group. “Meeting stringent federal certification requirements while providing a security applications appliance enables government agencies to rapidly implement technology, minimizing risk, service disruption and deployment cost. The success of such implementations across public sector organizations will dramatically accelerate the flexibility for government agencies to segment application access requirements, providing access and audit commensurate with the sensitivity of a transaction.”

Government agencies and constituent IT staffs today are chartered with reconciling seemingly opposing goals – providing reliable and timely information access to authorized government employees and citizens while protecting sensitive resources in a challenging security environment. Federal agencies are further directed to procure only those IT technologies that meet the rigors of government communications standards and have been certified to that effect. Neoteris uniquely delivers on these needs with proven secure access solutions that provide the most flexible secure access available among U.S. government certified security solutions.

“As a Technology Partner of Neoteris, we are very excited about their FIPS solution because our federal customers demand a secure, reliable, and cost-effective way to access their network information from remote locations,” said Chris Peterson, vice president of OEM and channel sales at Secure Computing (Nasdaq: SCUR). “This complements our SafeWord® PremierAccess(tm) strong authentication product which has been certified by the DoD for PKI authentication. With Neoteris we can now offer government agencies the strongest level of application security, while enabling efficient, any time, anywhere government operations.”

Neoteris introduced a novel category of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-based secure access appliances in November of 2001 that changed the way employees and partners access network information. Through the Access Series of IVE appliances, authorized users can gain secure remote access to network resources from any standard Web browser. As a result, users are no longer constrained to use specific machines or to work from designated locations; they can work securely from anywhere they can get an Internet connection and a Web browser. There is no need to install, configure, or maintain a client. Given the reduced support overhead implied, IT human and capital resources can be re-allocated to other areas. The Access products enable greater mobility and productivity than ever before.

“We are very excited to introduce the new Neoteris Access Series FIPS to the federal government, as well as to any enterprise that requires certified security,” said Jason Matlof, Neoteris vice president of Marketing and Business Development. “This offering is the first of its kind, built with the specific purpose of providing ubiquitous secure access to network resources to those affiliated with the federal government. It was a long time in the making, but we are confident that our end product will satisfy the high demand from the public sector. Enabling employees, contractors, and agencies to connect and share information in a secure session, without high cost or network complexity, is a truly compelling value proposition, and one that has long been overdue.”

The Neoteris Access FIPS product lines leverage the integration capabilities of the Access Series Product Family by supporting strong authentication protocols and extensive directory integration, allowing for flexibility in integration with existing infrastructure. For more information, please visit

Neoteris IVE Secure Access Appliances
The Neoteris Access(tm) Series provides enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers, and partners. Contrary to traditional access technologies, there is no client software to install because Neoteris leverages SSL for secure, controlled access to resources via any Web browser. The Access appliances also eliminate the need to secure or harden servers, or make changes to existing infrastructure. The result is a cost-effective, secure access solution that is easy for customers to deploy and simple for end-users to operate.

Neoteris Access appliances provide application-layer access, stringent access controls, and granular auditing and reporting capabilities to further minimize IT headaches and security concerns. Additionally, the IVE platform offers enterprise-class high availability and performance scalability options, so secure access can be deployed on a wide scale without worrying about user downtime, lost productivity or network performance. Neoteris IVE appliances have passed rigorous security audits by TruSecure Corporation, Cryptography Research, Inc., and security and forensic computing expert Dan Farmer. The products have also won numerous awards as an innovative and compelling access solution, helping enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

About Neoteris
Neoteris, Inc. is the leading instant secure application access vendor. With its Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, Neoteris delivers innovative, best-of-breed security products, including the award-winning Neoteris Access Series of security appliances. Founded in May 2000, Neoteris is a privately held company backed by Jim Clark, The Barksdale Group, New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, and individual investors. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has international offices in London, Frankfurt, and Hyderabad, India. Go to for more information.

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