Neoteris Announces Partnership With Netegrity, Interoperability With Leading Authentication And Access Control Solution

Partnership Creates Integrated Solution of Leading Instant Secure Application Access and Single Sign-on Authorization Products; Adds to Neoteris’ Leading Technology Partnership Base

SAN FRANCISCO – April 14, 2003 – Neoteris, Inc., the leading instant secure application access vendor, today announced its partnership with Netegrity, Inc., (NASDAQ: NETE), a leading provider of identity and access management solutions, designed to ensure interoperability and world-class support for joint customers. Now customers can leverage their Netegrity authentication and access management infrastructure with Neoteris’ award-winning Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) secure remote access products. This partnership is announced at RSA Conference 2003, where Neoteris is exhibiting this week in booth No. 745.

Servicing some of the largest global enterprises, Neoteris and Netegrity provide enterprises with a robust solution for accessing critical information remotely. The integration between Netegrity SiteMinder* software and Neoteris’ IVE is designed to enable single sign-on in Neoteris/Netegrity environments so users need to log on only once, regardless of whether the application is accessed via the Neoteris IVE or through an application secured by Netegrity SiteMinder. The integration also includes interoperability between the Neoteris IVE and Netegrity SiteMinder authentication and authorization policies.

The partnership allows customers to leverage their existing Netegrity infrastructure and eliminates the need to install web agents on additional servers, dramatically reducing the cost of providing secure access to network resources. In addition, companies can leverage the security policies that they have already established using SiteMinder for their users accessing applications remotely through the IVE.

“Neoteris’ partnership with Netegrity enables customers to more easily extend the benefits of their access management infrastructure to remote users,” said Stephanie Feraday, Vice President of Marketing at Netegrity. “The integration with Netegrity enables customers to leverage their current security infrastructure and policies while enabling enterprise users to conduct business from anywhere that they have an Internet connection.”

Neoteris introduced a novel category of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-based secure access appliances in November 2001 that changed the way employees and partners access corporate information. Through the Neoteris Access* Series of IVE appliances, authorized users gain secure remote access to network resources from any standard Web browser. As a result, users are no longer constrained to use specific machines or to work from designated locations; they can work from anywhere they can get an Internet connection and a Web browser. There is no need to install, configure, or maintain a client. Given the reduced support overhead implied, IT human and capital resources can be re-allocated to other areas. The Access products enable greater mobility and productivity for enterprises than ever before.

“Through our partnership with Netegrity, joint Fortune 1000 customers are armed with a robust security solution to provide authorized users access to relevant data from wherever they are,” said Neoteris Vice President of Marketing & Business Development Jason Matlof. “By ensuring interoperability with Netegrity’s leading authentication products, which are some of the most popular across industries, Neoteris allows enterprises to utilize existing resources, enabling more users than ever before to realize the business benefits of securely accessing the information they need remotely.”

About the Neoteris Technology Partner Program
The Neoteris Technology Partner Program provides a forum whereby today’s leading enterprise applications, security infrastructures and networking technologies are tested for interoperability with Neoteris’ IVE, ensuring enterprises can deliver access to their most critical information resources to employees, customers and partners. Neoteris and its technology partners support the secure information access needs of their customers. For more information or to join the program, see

Neoteris IVE Secure Access Appliances
The Neoteris Access(tm) Series provides enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers, and partners. Contrary to traditional access technologies, there is no client software to install because Neoteris leverages SSL for secure, controlled access to resources via any Web browser. The Access appliances also eliminate the need to secure or harden servers, or make changes to existing infrastructure. The result is a more cost effective, secure access solution that is easy for customers to deploy and simple for end-users to operate.

Neoteris Access appliances provide application-layer access, stringent access controls, and granular auditing and reporting capabilities to further minimize IT headaches and security concerns. Additionally, the IVE platform offers enterprise-class high availability and performance scalability options, so secure access can be deployed on a wide scale without worrying about user downtime, lost productivity or network performance. Neoteris IVE appliances have passed rigorous security audits by TruSecure Corporation, Cryptography Research, Inc., and security and forensic computing expert Dan Farmer. The products have also won numerous awards as an innovative and compelling access solution, helping enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

About Neoteris
Neoteris, Inc. is the leading instant secure application access vendor. With its Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, Neoteris delivers innovative, best-of-breed security products, including the award-winning Neoteris Access Series of security appliances. Founded in May 2000, Neoteris is a privately held company backed by Jim Clark, The Barksdale Group, New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, and individual investors. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has international offices in London, Frankfurt, and Hyderabad, India. Go to for more information.

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