Funk Software Announced Odyssey Secure 802.11 Client for Pocket PC

Wireless LAN security solutions provider Funk Software, recently announced Odyssey Client for Pocket PC. This new version of their 802.1x access client, gives the handheld users a possibility to connect to the wireless links in a secure manner. Odyssey Client for Pocket PC is based on the IEEE security standard 802.1x, and supports strong WLAN security protocols, including EAP-TTLS.

Joe Ryan, vice president of Funk Software noted: “Windows-based handhelds are increasingly essential in today’s enterprises, and offer real benefits for mobile workers such as factory floor workers, retailers, and medical personnel. Our solution lets network managers rapidly bring these users online — while ensuring that they fully adhere to the authentication and security policies already established on the network. Users’ needs are met and security concerns are eliminated — with very little additional administrative overhead.”

Some of the features Odyssey Client for Pocket PC provides include:

  • Seamless integration of handheld computing into the network security infrastructure, allowing a single security model and authentication
  • Easy deployment of secure WLAN access to all handheld devices
  • Simple operation, to ensure rapid, minimum-impact adoption by end users – Odyssey Client for Pocket PC provides a simple, intuitive end
  • Rich feature set, to accommodate all usage scenarios and network environments
Odyssey Client for Pocket PC v1.0 will be available in May 2003. 30-day trial beta version is available for download from the Funk Software web site.

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