StarForce Increases The Level Of Security For PDF Documents

New security tools to protect digital content and rights are featured in StarForce PDF 1.1.

Moscow, April 14, 2003 – StarForce Technologies, a leader in developing innovative copy protection solutions, announced today the release of StarForce PDF 1.1. StarForce PDF 1.1 is the latest version of our copy protection created to secure text and graphical content from illegal use and prevent unauthorized opening and viewing of protected documents in Portable Document Format (PDF) with Adobe® products and other applications. It was developed specifically to address the needs of creators and publishers of e-Books, e-Zines, encyclopedias, tutorials, lectures, scientific and statistical reports, corporate data, legal documents, and other files that can be created in PDF. Today the company offers two different versions of StarForce PDF 1.1, depending on the type of media selected for distribution of PDF documents: CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM and CD-R. The StarForce DVD-R project is in development.

StarForce PDF 1.1 new features include:

· Expiration date limitation – creator of the PDF project can select month, date and year of the disc’s expiration. An end-user will be notified about expiration of a file in advance; access to the file will be later blocked by the protection system.
· Viewer options – now end-users can use Acrobat Reader® or Adobe Acrobat® to view protected PDFs.
· Print screen blocking – when this option is selected by the PDF creator, the end-user cannot copy the displayed content, export it to a graphics editor and save it as an image in order to restore it as text with the help of OCR systems.
· Print file blocking – Printing protected PDFs can be permitted or denied at the implementation stage.

Based on the powerful core technology developed by StarForce Technologies, StarForce PDF was first released at the end of 2002. Access to secured files can be customized by an author or publisher during StarForce PDF 1.1 implementation.

With all features put into service, the protection suppresses any operation with a protected document, except viewing. It is impossible to edit and save a copy-protected document under a different name. The content becomes inaccessible via Acrobat API* (application programming interface), which prevents file modification at the developer’s level with the help of plug-ins.

To gain access to the contents of protected documents an end-user inserts a licensed disc into the disc drive (CD-ROM/ DVD-ROM version requires to enter the 24-digit key for disc identification).

The Protection Plug-In, which initiates the StarForce protection module, is automatically installed in a selected viewer-application when the end-user accesses the disc for the fist time. Copy protection Wizard and Protection Plug-In are developed and provided by StarForce Technologies, an Authorized Adobe Solutions Provider. For further information please visit

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