Epson Chooses Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy

Comprehensive Virus Protection at the Internet and Mail Gateway is Backed by Guaranteed Response Times and Premium Support Services

Tokyo, Japan — April 21, 2003 – Trend Micro Inc., (TSE: 4704, NASDAQ: TMIC), a global leader in antivirus and Internet content security software and services, today announced that Seiko Epson Corporation (Epson) has adopted Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy for the coordinated defense of its corporate network against computer viruses, “mixed threats” and other types of malicious code and harmful content. As part of this comprehensive approach to network security, Epson has deployed advanced Trend Micro solutions at its Internet and mail gateways, including the comprehensive InterScan(tm) Messaging Security Suite to monitor and control SMTP and POP3 email traffic, InterScan(tm) WebProtect(tm) for iCAP(tm) for virus protection at the Web caching server, and InterScan(tm) WebManager ™ for URL filtering and Web traffic management.

In addition, Epson has joined the Trend Micro Premium Support Program at the Gold Level, which includes the Trend MicroVirus Response Service Level Agreement (SLA). Under the terms of this agreement, Trend Micro guarantees that if Epson’s systems are ever infected with a virus, Trend Micro will provide a virus pattern file that allows the customer to detect the virus within two hours of its submission.

Enterprise Protection Strategy includes a proactive phase of Outbreak Prevention Services that deliver attack-specific information and outbreak prevention policies to help deflect and stem virus attacks. The family of gateway products deployed by Epson can automatically implement preventative measures at the network’s perimeter by applying content filtering technologies. In addition, Epson’s Premium Support Gold agreement provides various personalized support services with fast response times. To implement these services effectively, customers are assigned Technical Account Managers (TAM) who are exclusively responsible for their support. TAMs can offer antivirus expertise and technical knowledge of Trend Micro’s products as well as familiarity with the particular network environment of the customer. In addition to the Premium Support Program Gold Agreement, the Virus Response SLA guarantees immediate action when a virus outbreak occurs, thereby helping the customer maintain the reliability of its network services for its customers.

Epson had always taken great measures to maintain a highly secure network; however, realizing the evolving nature of malicious code and the increasing speed with which infections can occur, it was necessary to introduce an antivirus and content security strategy that would proactively prevent the spread of infections, and allow IT security administrators to take immediate actions, based on expert advice, in order to protect corporate networks and information assets.

Besides automatically blocking and removing known and unknown malicious code before it ever enters the network, Trend Micro’s gateway antivirus products can also be rapidly reconfigured to ward off potential new attacks. When a new virus is detected, Trend Micro’s 24×7 virus research and support network, TrendLabs(tm), quickly distributes information and preventative measures, called outbreak prevention policies”, even before a new pattern file is available.

The quality of Trend Micro’s advanced technology and the stability and reliability of its products in large-scale network environments has propelled Trend Micro to a position of global leadership in the server-based antivirus market. The company most recently held 41 % of the worldwide market for antivirus software at the Internet gateway. Epson considered Trend Micro’s leading market position as further evidence of its products’ capability and reliability in selecting them for its network.

” Epson has been tightening security and implementing antivirus measures on its network for a long time” said Toshitaka Oura, General Manager of Epson’s IT Infrastructure & Security Center. “However, as viruses continue to evolve into more complex and malicious forms, such as ‘mixed threats’, we decided that an effective proactive defense was necessary, together with stronger, faster automated measures. As a result, we decided to introduce Trend Micro’s antivirus and content filtering products at the gateway and obtain PSP (Premium Support Program) Gold service in order to strengthen our ability to prevent virus attacks.

We consider Trend Micro’s gateway products to be the most appropriate protection for our corporate IT systems because of the superior range of services provided under the Enterprise Protection Strategy, in particular the Outbreak Prevention Services which enable automatic proactive action to prevent attacks. In addition to the conventional measure against a virus for server and client layer, with the new gateway solution products and services, we have successfully established a reliable and highly secure environment for our customers and clients, ” Epson’s spokesperson went on. “Additionally, we expect we’ll see a reduction in total cost of ownership for network security. ”

About Trend Micro
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