DigiGAN Announces Homeland Security Suite – Surpasses Rigorous Requirements of the Public Sector

Products will accelerate delivery of Information Defense for US Homeland Security

DigiGAN, Inc. – www.digigan.com today announced that they have upgraded their flagship product – Trusted Web Serverâ„? – and launched Trusted Gatewayâ„? as solutions to accelerate the most urgent initiative in the public sector – Homeland Security. These products were built not only to provide information assurance by eliminating vulnerabilities, but to enable pervasive cross-jurisdictional interoperability, communications and collaboration. Built to surpass the highest Federal Government standards and embedded within Sun’s – EAL4 Certified – Trusted Solarisâ„? 8, DigiGAN’s Trusted Solutions are manufactured under license by Lockheed Martin Corporation.

“We are pleased to announce the latest expansion in product features, functionality and benefits, and what we believe to be an important step forward in our strategy for long-term growth,” said Anthony Martini, President of DigiGAN.

The Homeland Security Suite includes these DigiGAN Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software products: Trusted Web Server, a hardened Multi-level Security (MLS) Apache web server for secure Web page hosting and file distribution; and Trusted Gateway, a Trusted Virtual Private Network solution-a VPN and intelligent router that “cares” about the sensitivity of the data it is passing.

The source code from which the Trusted Web Server and Trusted Gateway products are based is derived from security systems and techniques developed for the Department of Defense by Lockheed Martin Corp. and licensed to DigiGAN for worldwide distribution. A single sign-on product called Padlock OTP (One-time Pad) is currently being developed by DigiGAN with an expected launch in Q4 2003 and International and US patent applications in process.

These products go well beyond typical security solutions by leveraging one of the most secure Operating Systems available – Sun’s Trusted Solaris 8, by offering: Muli-level Security, Labeled Security Protection Profiles, Role-Based Access Control and Controlled Access Protection Profiles, all at Evaluation Assurance Level 4. This is the only operating system to achieve this level of certification.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced on April 9, 2003 its commitment for broadening the functionality of Trusted Solaris. Because Trusted Solaris provides access control at the root, it allows companies to detach systems administration from operations, at the most elemental level of the operating system. “Just because you are the system administrator and you have root access, I don’t want to give you access to the payroll database,” said Jonathan Schwartz, executive vice president of Sun’s software products group.

In a further substantiation of utilizing DigiGAN and Sun’s technology, Gartner’s Security Analyst, John Pescatore, recommended six levels of web server security. He said of Level 6, the highest, “The most secure approach to Internet-exposed Web servers is to deploy only those that are nearly invulnerable. By running Web servers on trusted operating systems-¦(organizations) can achieve the highest level of security-¦” To further its reach, DigiGAN’s solutions expand the capabilities of Trusted Solaris and can also be executed on Intel-based systems.

For more info on Trusted Operating Systems refer to the following from Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute.

More About DigiGAN Inc.
DigiGAN has partnered with the top network integrators and government contractors in the world including Northrop Grumman TASC, EDS, SAIC, CSC, CACI, ACS and many more. Our solutions have been bid out on some of the biggest government IT projects in history including: DIMHRS, CITS-NetCOP, I-ASSURE, JSF, JWICS, SPAWAR, CARS, NIPRNET, and SIPRNET.

DigiGAN is a member of: Information Assurance Technical Framework Forum (IATF), National Military Intelligence Alliance (NMIA), the Liberty Alliance, and the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance formed by Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel and Microsoft. DigiGAN’s technology partners include Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, Orinoco, and Compaq.

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