Neoteris Unveils Newest Version of its Award-Winning Instant Virtual Extranet Platform

First Company to Deliver Client/Server Application Access over SSL Today Provides Deeper Integration with Partners Citrix, Oracle and Siebel, and Enhanced Client/Server Access

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – April 29, 2003 – Neoteris, Inc., the leading instant secure application access vendor, today announced the general availability of the newest version of its Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, building upon the award-winning SSL-based access technology that has enabled enterprises worldwide to cost-effectively deploy secure remote access to employees and partners. The new release provides broad new functionality, including deepened integration with leading software vendors, and a new Secure Application Manager (SAM) that provides instant secure access to all client/server applications.

Neoteris was the first vendor to provide instant secure access to client/server applications over SSL more than a year ago, enabling enterprises to cost-effectively deploy secure access to client/server applications without the cost, complexity, and security risks associated with traditional access technologies. With the new IVE release, Neoteris extends its leadership with a new Windows-based Secure Application Manager (SAM) that supports all client/server applications – a complement to the existing Java-based SAM product. With these two options, enterprise customers now have a variety of options to manage the wide array of application and OS interoperability needs.

The new platform will be publicly demonstrated for the first time this week at the NetWorld+ Interop 2003 Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nev., in Neoteris’ Booth No. 7075. Neoteris will also showcase its latest hardware options with the recently released Neoteris Access(tm) Series FIPS products, which are compliant with the latest federal security requirements.

The new Neoteris IVE release also provides deeper integration with leading application software partners, such as Citrix, Oracle and Siebel (see separate Neoteris announcements released today), providing customers greater administrative ability to deploy secure, controlled access to applications without any changes to their existing infrastructure or client machines. The new IVE release also has international character support, enabling Neoteris to meet growing customer demand in new regions, such as Japan.

“As SSL-based remote access has taken hold in a variety of industries, it is only natural to see that customers have demanded advancements in accessibility options,” said David Thompson, Senior Research Analyst, META Group. “As a result, SSL-based remote access vendors have not only implemented client/server support to better replicate the capabilities of traditional IPSec VPN remote access alternatives, but have also expanded native access capabilities to a variety of complex web front-ended applications such as Citrix, Oracle, and Siebel.”

Neoteris introduced a novel category of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-based secure access appliances in November of 2001 that changed the way employees and partners access network information. Through the Access Series of IVE appliances, authorized users can gain secure remote access to network resources from any standard Web browser. As a result, users are no longer constrained to use specific machines or to work from designated locations; they can work securely from anywhere they can get an Internet connection and a Web browser. There is no need to install, configure, or maintain a client. The Access products enable greater mobility and productivity than ever before.

Gartner Inc. and In-Stat/MDR acknowledge Neoteris as a leader in the SSL-based remote access space, and the vendor with the leading market share, respectfully. Frost & Sullivan also named Neoteris as the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in 2003.

“This latest software release is the next step in our mission to deliver truly ubiquitous access to all network resources from any Web browser,” said Neoteris President and CEO Krishna “Kittu” Kolluri. “Our Access product lines solve a huge variety of secure access needs, while saving customers time, money, and resources. With the addition of several new partners to the Neoteris Technology Partner Program, deeper integration with existing partners, and the ability to allow thin client access to client/server applications from multiple platforms, we are delivering on our promise to bring customers the most compelling secure access solution available today, and we have even bigger plans for the future.”

About the Neoteris Technology Partner Program
The Neoteris Technology Partner Program provides a forum whereby today’s leading enterprise applications, security infrastructures and networking technologies are tested for interoperability with Neoteris’ IVE, ensuring enterprises can deliver access to their most critical information resources to employees, customers and partners. Neoteris and its technology partners support the secure information access needs of their customers. For more information or to join the program, see

Neoteris IVE Secure Access Appliances
The Neoteris Access(tm) Series provides enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers, and partners. Contrary to traditional access technologies, there is no client software to install because Neoteris leverages SSL for secure, controlled access to resources via any Web browser. The Access appliances also eliminate the need to secure or harden servers, or make changes to existing infrastructure. The result is a cost-effective, secure access solution that is easy for customers to deploy and simple for end-users to operate.

Neoteris Access appliances provide application-layer access, stringent access controls, and granular auditing and reporting capabilities to further minimize IT headaches and security concerns. Additionally, the IVE platform offers enterprise-class high availability and performance scalability options, so secure access can be deployed on a wide scale without worrying about user downtime, lost productivity or network performance. Neoteris IVE appliances have passed rigorous security audits by TruSecure Corporation, Cryptography Research, Inc., and security and forensic computing expert Dan Farmer. The products have also won numerous awards as an innovative and compelling access solution, helping enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

About Neoteris
Neoteris, Inc. is the leading instant secure application access vendor. With its Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, Neoteris delivers innovative, best-of-breed security products, including the award-winning Neoteris Access Series of security appliances. Founded in May 2000, Neoteris is a privately held company backed by Jim Clark, The Barksdale Group, New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, and individual investors. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has international offices in London, Frankfurt, and Hyderabad, India. Go to for more information.

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