ActiveState PureMessage Controls the “Other Half” of Email Communication

Enterprises empowered with web-based policy builder console

VANCOUVER, BC , 2003/05/06 ActiveStateâ„?, the leader in enterprise email management software, today announced the release of PureMessageâ„? 4.0 with powerful, GUI-based control over email policy. A server-based email filtering solution, PureMessage enables the easy creation and management of spam, virus, and other communication policies for inbound and outbound message streams at the gateway.

PureMessage safely identifies and quarantines spam using a combination of heuristics, spam directories, and spam signatures, delivering the most effective spam filtering with low IT administration and end-user effort. In addition to protecting against spam and viruses, new features in PureMessage 4.0 meet the other half of organizations’ email communication needs–the broad policy demands–by providing the option to choose from more than 30 pre-created tests and actions. The flexible policy module helps large organizations guard against IP breaches, regulatory non-compliance, inappropriate content, and numerous other requirements, thereby reducing corporate liability and increasing productivity.

“We are instituting a corporate policy regarding inappropriate language in emails, and needed an effective mail filtering solution that could identify offensive content, spam, and viruses,” said Matt Boex, systems administrator at CNA Insurance, the fourth largest commercial insurance provider in the U.S. “We receive about 2.5 million emails a month, and the flexibility and scalability of PureMessage, along with its Perl text-processing and scoring-based system, is hard to beat. The results have been great from the start. In the first two weeks alone, PureMessage blocked 850,000 emails, and we received only three calls about messages mistakenly quarantined.”

PureMessage 4.0 Highlights

Policy Framework – The web-based interface for inbound and outbound rule creation includes: stopping outbound offensive content, enforcing branding requirements, applying legal disclaimers, monitoring communication of confidential information, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, keyword checks, forwarding, archiving, adding disclaimers, and removing attachments.

Central Server Management – Enables centralized management of policies and reporting across multiple mail servers for enterprise-wide and global deployment.

Additional Perimeter Security – Monitors activity to identify and block Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA).

Extended Reporting Capabilities – A suite of new reports and auto-delivery scheduling including system productivity, most frequently triggered anti-spam rules, top spam senders, top viruses by type, and quarantine disk consumption.

Email Digest – End user quarantines are easily reviewed and released “on a click”, through an auto-generated email delivered to users’ inboxes. No need for calling the admin or having to log into a second system for quarantine review.

Adaptive Learning Engine – A new training interface provides automated tuning of the anti-spam rules for administrators to increase the effectiveness of spam filtering.

“To date, enterprises have been unable to find a solution in the market that embraces the broader policy needs they are facing, while also delivering time-tested spam protection,” said Chris Kraft, director of product management, ActiveState. “PureMessage 4.0 fills this gap providing for the consolidated creation and enforcement of anti-spam, anti-virus, and other usage policies to optimize productivity and minimize corporate risk.”

“Organizations need to consider the legal ramifications of electronic communication over the Internet. Any racial, sexual, or offensive material that travels over a network may open a door for later lawsuits,” said Masha Khmartseva, market analyst, Radicati Research. “Implementing content and anti-spam filtering at the gateway provides an extra line of security that can shelter an organization from a number of angles: liability, viruses, freeing up bandwidth, and increasing productivity.”

To register for a free webcast on the benefits of PureMessage, and/or to learn more, visit PureMessage’s flexible, server-based pricing allows for unlimited user access, and removes the requirement to track and report users. The PureMessage 4.0 release is a free upgrade for current customers. For additional information, pricing, and free trial licenses, contact or 1.866.866.2802.

About ActiveState Corp.
ActiveState enables IT professionals and enterprises to increase productivity and organizational efficiency. The Company’s PureMessage product empowers organizations to take control of their email communications to protect against spam and viruses, and to enforce email policy. Additional information on ActiveState’s industrial strength anti-spam software for enterprises and professional tools for programmers is available at:

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