Verifone and Multepay Partner to Offer Electronic Top-Up Services To UK Retailers

Omni 3750 E-Top Up Platform To Be Delivered Through Europe’s Leading Wholesale Distribution Network

United Kingdom, May 12, 2003-VeriFone Inc., the worldwide leader in electronic payment solutions, today announced that MULTePAY has chosen the Omni 3750 as the platform to deliver its electronic (E-) top-up facilities to the UK’s independent retailers. The solution, which is fully APACS40 Chip and PIN-compliant, will be available to retailers through Food Brokers Ltd., Europe’s leading sales, marketing and distribution specialist.

Under the initial contract, VeriFone will supply 2000 Omni 3750 terminals running APACS40 software on which MULTePAY will develop the E-top-up facility, using the Alphyra host system. The first units are due to be deployed in stores from May, offering lucrative new revenue streams for retailers alongside standard credit and debit card processing, including electronic top-up for pre-paid mobile phones.

“To ensure optimum retailer acceptance for our solution, we needed full Chip and PIN-capability, a small terminal footprint and up-to-date APACS software, all in a modern, ergonomic design – the Omni 3750 delivers on all counts,” said MULTePAY Managing Director, Andy House. “With the flexibility of an easy-to-use development environment, we look forward to extending our partnership and delivering more value-added solutions to the UK’s retailers.”

The ability to combine payment and value-added applications securely on a single device makes the Omni 3750 the best vehicle available to navigate the changing global payment landscape. The Omni 3750 offers field-replaceable Communication and Security Access Modules (SAMs), allowing additional modules to be deployed as and when they are required, including modem, ISDN, and Ethernet communications for easy access to any IP-based network.

“VeriFone is committed to the advancement of value-added applications at the point of sale,” commented Nigel Bidmead, EMEA Managing Director for VeriFone. “The Omni 3750 is the only terminal specifically designed from the ground-up for the multi-application generation, making it the perfect platform to deliver increased revenue streams and a competitive edge”.

The Omni 3750 features a powerful 32-bit processor to meet the security and networking demands of Internet Protocol (IP) communications, and the toughest standards for EMV smartcards. It features up to 4MB of memory to support plenty of value-added applications. It supports advanced communications such as Ethernet, built on IP technology, which fuels “always-on” connectivity, and it has the power to securely send transactions over public or private networks using industry standard SSL encryption. The Omni 3750 features a removable communications module that can be upgraded at deployment or in the field. Finally, Triple DES and PED security help stem the tide of fraudulent tactics such as card skimming, and the Omni 3750 supports the entire set of 3DES requirements, including 3DES Master Session and 3DES DUKPT.

MULTePAY are set to be the first independent broker of electronic payment services in the UK, with a network of unique payment terminals being launched in the first quarter of 2003. The MULTePAY terminal will facilitate retailers to provide their customers with a unique range of electronic payment services, sourced through multiple payment service providers. By facilitating multiple services through a single device, the MULTePAY terminal aims to be “The only payment terminal you will ever need’, chosen by Food Brokers Limited as the payment terminal solution to market to their existing customer base in the Convenience Store, CTN and Impulse markets.

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