BOScom Launches First Fully Secure IP Telephony Gateways with Dynamic IP to PSTN Switching

Leicester, UK – 15th May, 2003 — IP Telephony specialists BOScom, of Leicester, has announced its new BOS??NOVA Claro family of IP Telephony products — the industry’s first solution to meet all user demands for alternative telephony routing: maximised call savings, quality connections, simplicity of installation, use, and management, and absolute data security.

BOS??NOVA Claro gateways are installed between the PBX and the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and intelligently route phone calls over the IP (Internet Protocol) network — be it the user’s existing VPN, intranet or the public Internet.

BOS??NOVA Claro controls all call routing in the network, and routes calls either over IP to other VoIP gateways or over the PSTN to non-IP numbers, including least cost routing between competitive carriers. The gateway guarantees carrier quality voice connection at all times by dynamically switching to the PSTN the instant IP network QoS (quality of service) falls below the user’s specified level or fails — whether through bandwidth reduction, interference or power failure.

Installation is literally plug-and-play, as all lines plug into Claro — not just some of the lines. With no need for PBX reconfiguration, no need for additional lines, and fully user-transparent operation, cost savings are maximised and ROI is fast. Users need no retraining since there is no change in dialling habits whatsoever.

Total Security
And with its new Blue Seal Security system, BOScom claims that the BOS??NOVA Claro is the only IP Telephony gateway that offers a fully hacker-proof mode of operation. Three levels of protection are provided: through Secure Shell(tm) server software and proprietary encryption protocols against Internet hacking during remote gateway maintenance; via both gateway and call level authentication to stop toll fraud; and a built-in firewall, configurable through the gateway’s mechanical Blue Seal Lock(tm) that can fully disable all non-VoIP access.

Low cost entry – Modular expansion
With prices starting at just Â?600 for the entry level 2-port ROBO (Remote Office/ Branch Office) gateway, the BOS??NOVA Claro product family offers any business the easiest-to-install and use, lowest cost means to deploy VoIP and provide free phone and fax calls between any number of locations, such as head office to remote branch offices and/or home workers, suppliers and dealers.

For larger organisations, any number of 4- and 8-port Claro analog gateways may be stacked or rack mounted in 1U embedded form. 30 voice-channel PRI digital versions for E1 connections are also available and, likewise, may be interconnected to provide hundreds of lines for even the largest head office requirements.

“For large corporates still able to contemplate new HQs on greenfield sites, then the new breed of IP PBXs are worth considering. But for everyone else, and maybe them as well, the BOS??NOVA Claro now provides the first totally secure, risk-free means to capitalise on the cost saving benefits of IP Telephony,” says Graham Jacklin, BOScom’s European Managing Director.

Tech Specs
The proprietary BOS??NOVA Officer-Private network architecture and integrated dialling tables in the Claro gateways enable operation without a gatekeeper, thus dramatically reducing investment and improving network reliability by eliminating a single point of failure.

Guaranteed high voice quality has been achieved using proprietary algorithms which ensure delivery and boost QoS. Four compression protocols or codecs can be used for optimal compatibility and real-time bandwidth adjustment (between 6.3 and 64 KBits/second) along with an adaptive, smart jitter buffer. This process samples all arriving voice packets and dynamically changes the buffer size to close any voice gaps and thus achieve smooth, highest quality conversations.

BOS??NOVA Claro gateways provide optimised interoperability based on the standard H.323 V.4 protocol to work with all other vendors’ H.323 compatible terminals, gateways and gatekeepers, and SIP V.2 supporting SIP proxies. Fax support is provided by the implementation of the T.38 protocol. Quick establishment of fax calls is afforded by implementing the fast connection protocol in H.323.

First User
BOScom themselves, who reduced their annual phone bills from Â?90,000 to Â?25,000 by using the previous BOS??NOVA gateways to interlink their UK, US, French and Israeli offices, have found that with the installation of Claro they have achieved a further 85% reduction in their international phone bills simply because all calls are now automatically routed by the system without needing any special dial codes.

UK Availability
All the new BOS??NOVA Claro IP Telephony gateways are available from BOScom’s UK VARs, dealers and system integrators.

“Claro is just what we have been waiting for, as it fills a gap in the market that no one else has thought of let alone attempted to fill. And what’s more, the pricing will enable us to offer our customers a viable solution to VoIP that neither breaks the bank nor involves any changes to their existing PBX or network infrastructure,” said Alistair Waddell, Business Development Manager for Byford Computer Services in Manchester.

About BOScom –
BOScom, a wholly owned subsidiary of BOS – Better On-line Solutions, develops, produces and markets technologically complex, multi-functional, cross-enterprise communication and networking products with plug & play functionality. BOS has been engaged in the development of products using IP protocol since 1993. Marketed under the BOS??NOVA brand, these products leverage a company’s existing equipment and infrastructure, and are renowned for their simplicity of use, quality and reliability.

BOS was established in 1990 and became a public company traded on the Nasdaq National Market in 1996 (Nasdaq: BOSC), and on the Tel Aviv Stock Market in 2002 (TASE: BOSC).

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