Neoteris Delivers Instant Secure Application Access To SAS For Mobile Consultants, Partners And Employees Throughout EMEA

SAS Selects Neoteris’ IVE to Enable Instant Secure Access to Enterprise Applications While Protecting Network from Unauthorized Access and Vulnerabilities

FRANKFURT – May 19, 2003 – Neoteris, the leading instant secure application access vendor, today announced that SAS, the fifth largest independent enterprise software company worldwide by software license revenue, has rolled out the Neoteris Access(tm) Series Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) appliance across its network of 48 offices in 25 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to deliver secure enterprise application access for employees, as well as remote partners and consultants on the go.

Powered with Neoteris’ Access IVE appliance, SAS employees, consultants, and authorized partners now securely access enterprise applications, such as time and technical support tracking systems, SAS’ corporate portal, email, and many other applications, all from any computing device enabled with a Web browser, without the worry of client device issues or network traversal problems.

“The Neoteris solution allows us to securely and cost-effectively serve the remote-access information needs of a range of different user communities without complex software configuration and distribution overhead,” said Davy Rowland, Systems, Networks, Operations and Web manager in the EMEA IT Division of SAS. “By allowing us to easily configure different access rights for these different communities, Neoteris gave us a simple solution to what would have been quite a complex problem. Our users now access their information from anywhere in the world by simply typing a known URL into a Web browser and logging into the IVE. The Neoteris IVE allows us to rapidly provide secure access to our internal resources for all our employees, partners, distributors, and value added resellers around the EMEA region.”

Neoteris introduced a novel category of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)-based secure access appliances in November of 2001 that changed the way employees and partners access corporate information. Through the Neoteris Access Series of IVE appliances, authorized users can gain secure remote access to network resources from any standard Web browser. As a result, users are no longer constrained to use specific machines or to work from designated locations; they can work from anywhere they can get an Internet connection and a Web browser. There is no need to install, configure, or maintain a client. Given the reduced support overhead implied, IT human and capital resources can be re-allocated to other areas. The Access products enable greater mobility and productivity for enterprises than ever before.

“SAS is a well-established global leader in business-intelligence software and services, and we are pleased that they have selected the Access IVE appliance to roll out secure, easy-to-use partner and employee access to users throughout EMEA,” said Paul Donovan, managing director of Neoteris EMEA Operations. “With Neoteris’ IVE products, enterprises such as SAS have the industry’s most secure and complete solution for cost-effectively provisioning instant secure access to partners and employees who need it. Traditional remote access technologies would have been prohibitive for SAS to deploy because SAS does not own or manage computing devices used by their VARs, partners and consultants.”

Numerous independent authorities have recognized Neoteris’ leadership in the SSL VPN security product category. Gartner, Inc., named Neoteris as market ‘leader’ in its 1H’03 SSL VPN Magic Quadrant report. Similarly, In-Stat/MDR named Neoteris as the leader in its Application-Layer SSL VPN rankings with more than 33 percent market share of the global SSL VPN product revenue. In addition, Frost & Sullivan named Neoteris as the Entrepreneurial Company of the Year in 2003.

Neoteris IVE Secure Access Appliances
The Neoteris Access(tm) Series provides enterprise-class secure access to network resources for remote employees, customers, and partners. Contrary to traditional access technologies, there is no client software to install because Neoteris leverages SSL for secure, controlled access to resources via any Web browser. The Neoteris Access appliances also eliminate the need to secure or harden servers, or make changes to existing infrastructure. The result is cost-effective secure access solution that is easy for customers to deploy and simple for end-users to operate.

Neoteris Access appliances provide application-layer access, stringent access controls, and granular auditing and reporting capabilities to further minimize IT headaches and security concerns. Additionally, the IVE platform offers enterprise-class high availability and performance scalability options, so secure access can be deployed on a wide scale without worrying about user downtime, lost productivity or network performance. Neoteris IVE appliances have passed rigorous security audits by TruSecure Corporation, Cryptography Research, Inc., and security and forensic computing expert Dan Farmer. The products have also won numerous awards as an innovative and compelling access solution, helping enterprises increase efficiency and productivity.

About Neoteris
With EMEA Operations in Bracknell near London and Germany Operations in Frankfurt, Neoteris, Inc. is the leading instant secure application access vendor. With its Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) platform, Neoteris delivers innovative, best-of-breed security products, including the award-winning Neoteris Access Series of security appliances. Founded in May 2000, Neoteris is a privately held company backed by Jim Clark, The Barksdale Group, New Enterprise Associates, Battery Ventures, and individual investors. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., and has other international offices in Hyderabad, India. Go to for more information.

About SAS
SAS is the market leader in providing a new generation of business intelligence software and services that create true enterprise intelligence. SAS solutions are used at more than 38,000 sites – including 99 of Fortune 100 businesses – to develop more profitable relationships with their customers and suppliers, to make better, more accurate and informed decisions, and to drive their organizations forward. SAS is the only vendor that completely integrates leading data warehousing, analytics, and traditional BI applications to create intelligence from massive amounts of data. For 25 years, SAS has been giving customers around the world The Power to Know(tm). For more information, visit . For further information, please contact your local SAS Institute office or SAS Institute EMEA, Frances Bell at +49 6221 416-526.

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