PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v8 Provides Flexible Encryption

New remote control module of PC-Duo Enterprise adds flexibility for increased performance and security

Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK – 20th May 2003 – Vector Networks Ltd. (www.vector-networks.com), a provider of desktop management solutions that reduce the cost of owning PCs, announces the release of PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control module v.8. The enhancements in PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v.8 include:
– Greater security for end-users through enhanced encryption options.
– An Internet gateway for seamless remote control between PCs located behind different firewalls.
– Support for Linux and Apple Mac systems.

Flexible support for highest level encryption adoption

Having security set at the highest possible common level between the Control and Client PC is crucial for maintaining the security of sensitive information within any organisation, particularly those in markets such as finance and banking. PC-Duo Enterprise offers the broadest and most secure level of encryption options available in the remote marketplace today with its range of 56Bit DES to 256 Bit AES. This allows users to find the necessary balance between security and performance.

“Balancing the need for greater performance with increased security is a key challenge for all support managers. Vector has given users the ability to always provide the highest level of protection available,” stated Colin Bartram, Product Marketing Director at Vector Networks.

With v8 of PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control users can force the Control to use a level of encryption set by the Client PC – ranging from 56 bit DES (Data Encryption Standard) to 256 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). At InfoSec Europe last year, PC-Duo was the first remote control tool to include AES and remains at the forefront in providing secure, high performance tools to IT support departments.

v.8 hurdles the firewall with the PC-Duo Internet gateway

As more companies support users and servers that are protected by firewalls, the latest version now provides a point of connectivity between Control and Client PC’s through the PC-Duo Internet Gateway. This provides a safe and secure method for remotely enabled systems to communicate via HTTP.

The gateway has no firewall-specific interface, but the idea behind it is to send all traffic through a single IP address: port. The gateway can be run on the firewall itself or behind a mapped port.

Linux and Apple Mac: Extended platform support

Version 8.0 of PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control now allows support staff to connect to and remote control Linux and Mac based systems. This provides extended connectivity for organisations tasked with supporting multiple platforms for end-user PCs and servers.

Other new features for PC-Duo Enterprise Remote Control v8.0
· Desktop integration with Windows Explorer gives support staff the ability to connect to machines without first launching the PC-Duo Control interface.
· Faster performance over low-bandwidth connections using Delta file transfer.
· Enhanced product configurations with easier more intuitive access to key functionality options.
· Enhanced user acknowledgements; support staff can now provide a countdown box for allowing connection as well as providing the end user with more information about who is wishing to connect to their machine.

About PC-Duo Enterprise desktop management suite
PC-Duo Enterprise utilises unique modular architecture that allows IT organisations to purchase and implement functional modules as and when required.

The suite includes Inventory Management, Software Metering, Software Distribution, Diagnostics, Remote Control and web-based HelpDesk Issue Tracking modules.

There are 39 combinations available to meet the specific requirements of corporations; there is no need to purchase software whose functionality overlaps with existing software or performs functions unnecessary for the organization. The product is fully expandable to easily satisfy future needs.

About Vector Networks
Vector Networks Group specialises in the development and marketing of Windows-based desktop management software for the enterprise market. Through Vector’s ever-increasing reseller channel and direct sales, the company services customers in over 40 countries with software installed on over 3.5 million PCs. Vector Networks is positioned for exponential growth with its focus on acquiring products and companies with complementary technology. Development over the coming months will be high-paced to provide additional modules that further expand the functionality of the PC-Duo Enterprise product.

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