Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus Pro Worldwide Product Launch

AIRSCANNER CORPORATION, the technological leader in wireless security software, today demonstrated its new virus scanner for the Pocket PC during a worldwide debut at the DallasCon Wireless Security Conference in Dallas, TX. Airscanner CEO Dr. Cyrus Peikari gave a one-hour talk on the state of the art in wireless “airborne” computer viruses. At the end of the talk, the new software was made available to the general public. All AirscannerTM software is free for home or personal (non-commercial) use

Anti-Virus Features:

– 500%-2500% faster than competing virus scanners.
– Powerful, on-demand scanning based on patent pending technology.
– Easy online updates.

Anti-Trojan Features:

In addition to an accurate virus scanner, Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus includes powerful tools for debugging Trojan horses:

– Intercept memory resident viruses with an advanced process discovery tool.
– Debug Trojan hacks with a fast, multithreaded registry search tool.
– Uncover denial of service attacks with a rapid system analyzer.
– Enter your own custom virus signatures (for experts).
– Perform fast, recursive, and flexibly multithreaded filesystem scanning.


English-language Windows CE device running PocketPC 2002
ARM or X-scale processor

AirscannerTM Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, TX, produces the most technologically advanced mobile security software in the world. AirscannerTM Corp. is a pure research and development software company comprised of pre-eminent leaders in the field of wireless security. AirscannerTM technology is based on multiple U.S. Patents pending. “Airscanner” is a trademark of Airscanner Corp.

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