NetScreen and Trend Micro to Deliver Tighter Integration of Network Security Solutions

Expanding Alliance Aims to Deliver Industry’s First Best-of-breed Antivirus, Firewall, VPN and Intrusion Prevention Appliance

MARBELLA, Spain May 23, 2003 – Addressing enterprise and carrier customers’ needs for highly effective and efficient network security solutions to protect against current and new threats, NetScreen Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSCN) and Trend Micro, Inc. (TSE: 4704; Nasdaq: TMIC) today announced that the two companies have significantly expanded their alliance to deliver on a shared vision of integrating NetScreen’s network security and Trend Micro’s antivirus and content security capabilities.

The companies have signed a definitive agreement to develop, market and sell a new best-of-breed integrated security gateway for remote sites that combines antivirus, firewall, virtual private network (VPN) and intrusion prevention in a single platform. The integrated security gateway will be based on the new NetScreen-5GT platform (see related announcement dated May 22: “NetScreen Announces New Appliance for Enterprise Remote Sites and Telecommuters”).

Further, NetScreen and Trend Micro plan to collaborate on additional integrated security gateways that include the combination of features and management capabilities to meet customers increasing security requirements throughout their networks.

The companies also intend to provide customers with end-to-end security solutions that can increase network security and reduce the operating costs associated with security deployments enterprise-wide. Additionally, the agreement supports Trend Micro’s Enterprise Protection Strategy and NetScreen’s goal to provide innovative, best-of-breed network security solutions for proactive network, application and antivirus attack management coupled with centralized policy management.

This expanded alliance builds upon the two companies’ history of collaboration to manage the outbreak lifecycle with proactive policy management, as well as increased overall performance through platform integration.

“Gartner believes that enterprises are moving toward an integrated network security platform approach, and that winning platforms will preserve customers’ requirement for best-of-breed technologies,” said Richard Stiennon, research director at Gartner. “Tighter integration and common management across security solutions will provide customers improved attack blocking and lowering total cost of ownership.”

“This agreement strengthens NetScreen’s established relationship with Trend Micro and exemplifies our support of Trend Micro’s Enterprise Protection Strategy,” said Robert Thomas, president and CEO of NetScreen. “NetScreen and Trend Micro are driving tighter integration of what had been considered separate fields of network security and antivirus and content security.”

“The performance, security and total cost of ownership advantages of NetScreen’s systems are a strong complement to Trend Micro’s award-winning antivirus and content security technology,” said Steve Chang, president and CEO of Trend Micro. “This alliance extends Trend Micro’s gateway leadership to the distributed enterprise, while strengthening NetScreen’s expertise in protecting the extended enterprise.”

Current Collaboration
The first product resulting from the collaboration between the two companies will be a new integrated gateway appliance jointly delivered by NetScreen and Trend Micro and designed to help enterprise customers secure remote sites, branch offices and telecommuters. Also, the resulting solution can enable carriers and managed security service providers to offer additional services for enterprise customers of all sizes, without having to add more equipment at the customer’s site. The integrated gateway appliance will be based on the new NetScreen-5GT platform, which offers many resiliency features, high performance firewall and VPN throughput, and extra memory and CPU capacity for future security functions, including antivirus and intrusion prevention.

Customers can either purchase the NetScreen-5GT as an integrated security gateway or upgrade the device with Trend Micro’s antivirus technology by purchasing a simple software upgrade expected to be available in the second half of 2003. A Trend Micro-branded version of the NetScreen-5GT with antivirus technology also is expected to be available in the same timeframe.

Future Plans
NetScreen and Trend Micro’s currently planned activities, pairing antivirus with firewall, VPN, and intrusion detection and prevention functionality, are designed to address customers’ security needs at remote and central sites as well as at the desktop-, server- and management levels to provide solutions that facilitate an end-to-end security infrastructure.

Additional development activities planned by the two companies to drive the deployment of their respective technologies throughout enterprise environments may include:

· Extending the integration of Trend Micro’s antivirus technology into additional NetScreen platforms.
· Extending NetScreen’s support for Trend Micro’s Enterprise Protection Strategy, which allows customers to proactively respond to network threats via centralized policy management and interaction between security devices, servers and other computing and networking platforms.
· Collaborating to extend support for Trend Micro’s Content Scanning Protocol (CSP) across additional NetScreen and Trend Micro products; such integration will facilitate redirection of relevant traffic by NetScreen devices to the appropriate Trend Micro device for content scanning.
· Exploring acceleration of antivirus scanning performance.

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About NetScreen Technologies
NetScreen Technologies, Inc., is a leading developer of integrated network security solutions that offer the security, performance and total cost of ownership required by enterprises and carriers. NetScreen’s innovative solutions provide key security technologies, such as virtual private network, denial of service protection, firewall and intrusion prevention, in a line of easy-to-manage security appliances and systems. NetScreen is located at 805 11th Ave., Sunnyvale, CA, 94089, U.S.A, and in Europe at Victoria House, Cross Lanes, Guildford, Surrey GU1 1UJ, U.K. More information on NetScreen’s products in Europe can be found at or by calling +44 0 8700 75 00 00.
About Trend Micro
Trend Micro is a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. The Tokyo-based corporation has its European headquarters in Marlow, England, and business units worldwide. Trend Micro products are sold through corporate, value-added resellers and managed service providers. For additional information and evaluation copies of all Trend Micro products, visit:


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