Panda Software Reports the Appearance of Holar.H Worm

The Virus Laboratory at Panda Software has detected the appearance of a new worm called Holar.H (W32/Holar.H). This malicious code spreads rapidly via e-mail and uses what has been dubbed “social engineering’ to trick the user into running the attached file that contains the worm.

Holar.H is a dangerous worm, as it can delete all the files from the affected computer. This only happens after the worm has been run over 30 times on the affected computer. For this reason, it is important to remember that the worm is run every time the computer is started or the file that contains Holar is run.

The subject, text and name of the attached files of the message in which Holar.H reaches computers are variable, as they are selected at random from a long list of possibilities, which include the following:


For your elegant Taste
Fw:Send it to all of the ppl u love


coz i couldn’t get the other part of it ,
any way , check it out
having alil thing is better than nothing 😛

Try this great program allowing u to translate 100 languages ..
just write a passage in english and chose a language to get the traslation
one of my friends used it with his arabian gf and it worked successfully 😉
so , Now we can say ‘ Love Speaks it All ‘ 🙂



A list of all the possible characteristics of the message is available on Panda web site.

In addition to one of the files listed above, which contain the worm’s code, the e-mail message also includes another attachment, which is selected at random from the affected computer. Similarly, the e-mail address of the sender of the message is usually

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