Sobig.C is Already One of the Ten Most Frequently Detected Viruses by Panda ActiveScan

Panda Software offers all users its free PQREMOVE utility, designed to clean and restore computers affected by this malicious code.

MADRID, June 2, 2003 The Sobig.C worm is continuing to cause problems in users’ computers and already appears in the top ten ranking of the most frequently detected viruses by the free, online antivirus Panda ActiveScan.

As this increased propagation of the virus is also increasing the risk to users of being infected by Sobig.C, Panda Software has made its free PQREMOVE utility available to all users to repair any possible damage caused to computers by this malicious code. Users can download this utility from the following address

Sobig.C is also becoming more widespread, as data collected by Panda software’s international tech support network shows that this worm has caused incidents in Canada, Spain, UK and USA.

In order to spread, Sobig.C uses e-mail and local networks. However, the e-mail message carrying this worm is easy recognize, as it always contains the text “Please see the attached file’. The name of the file attached to the message is variable, as it is selected from several possible options.

Once Sobig.C has infected a computer, it sends itself out to all the e-mail addresses it finds in the files with a TXT, EML, HTM, HTML, DBX or WAB extension on the affected computer.

Panda Software advises users to treat all e-mails received with caution, and to update their antivirus solutions if they haven’t already done so. The company has already made the updates to its products available to users to ensure their solutions can detect and eliminate Sobig.C. Those whose software is not configured to update automatically, should update their solutions from

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