Pointsec for Pocket PC Tested According To Important “Common Criteria”

Protect Data’s subsidiary Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a world-leader in the field of mobile data security, is certifying its security solution Pointsec® for Pocket PC in accordance with Common Criteria, Evaluation Assurance Level 4 (EAL-4). The comprehensive external inspection is a further demonstration of the company’s determination to offer the best possible security solutions for mobile units.

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized standard for high security levels, and the fact that Pointsec for Pocket PC is approved for evaluation is an important step for Pointsec Mobile Technologies.

“There are a number of standards that security products can be tested against, and Common Criteria EAL-4 is probably the most respected and most difficult to be evaluated for. Its excellent reputation means that companies with products that pass through the eye of this needle have very good proof of their quality and security know-how,” says Peter Larsson, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies.

Pointsec® for Pocket PC combines user identification, access control and encryption in order to protect the information on handheld computers. Pointsec® for Pocket PC is the most recent in a series of security products for portable computers and handheld computers from Pointsec Mobile Technologies. This series already includes the FIPS-140-approved Pointsec® for PC 4.1, which is also currently being evaluated for Common Criteria, and Pointsec® for Palm OS®.

“Handheld computers can be a security nightmare for large organizations. Security analysts we talk to explain that they often advise against the use of handheld computers as the unprotected business-critical information threatens the companies’ security procedures. Pointsec for Pocket PC makes it possible to use handheld computers in an efficient and secure way in mobile organizations,” says Peter Larsson.

Pointsec for Pocket PC includes:
* Real-time Encryption – Automatic encryption of data as it is saved in Pocket PC’s original My Documents folder and other folders, as well as encrypting Microsoft Outlook® data (for example, E-mail, Notes, Pocket Word and more) with no noticeable decrease in speed or performance.
* Removable Media Encryption – Including CF, SD, MMC, and MicroDrive media
* Enforceable Mandatory Access Control – Prevents illicit use of the device and prevents an authorized user from uninstalling the security software.
* PicturePINTM Authentication – Login system comprising images that are easy to remember and difficult to discover, which is an alternative to numerical and alphanumerical pin codes.
* QuickPINTM Authentication – A shorter version of PicturePIN(tm), which allows rapid yet still secure logging in to handheld computers that have entered standby mode.
* Automatic 128-bit and 256-bit AES User -Transparent Data Encryption – All information stored on the handheld computer or removable media is automatically encrypted.
* Remote Help -. Even without access to a network, users receive secure remote help to unlock their device, regain access, and reset their password by contacting their help desk

* Central Management – Administrators can create, change and update rules centrally in accordance with the company’s security policy.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protect Data AB. The company develops and markets access-controlling and encrypting systems for stationary and portable computers, palmtop computers, WAP telephones, etc. Pointsec Mobile Technologies has 47 employees and offices in San Francisco, New York and Chicago in the USA, Cambridge in the United Kingdom, D??sseldorf in Germany and Stockholm, Falun and Sundsvall in Sweden. Visit our web site at: www.pointsec.com The Protect Data Group offers tailor-made IT security solutions to large companies and organizations. The company focuses on four business areas: digital identities and resource security, network security, anti-virus and content security, and consultancy services for information security. Within these areas, the company offers comprehensive IT security solutions based on aspects such as access control and encryption systems, anti-virus systems, digital sentry services, firewalls, user identification and content control, secure VPN and PKI solutions, digital signatures and systems for secure transactions. Protect Data is the market leader in its business area in the Nordic region and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the USA. Protect Data has approximately 100 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Visit our web site at: www.protectdata.com.

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