BugBear.B Worm Information Roundup

This is a collection of information dealing with the B variant of the infamous BugBear worm. Roundup contains AV vendors information, media releases, news coverage and removal tools.

1) AntiVirus Vendors

Panda Software: BugBear.B

Kaspersky Labs: I.Worm.Tanatos.b (aka BugBear.B)

Trend Micro: PE_BUGBEAR.B

RAV Antivirus: Win32/Bugbear.B@mm

BitDefender: Win32.Bugbear.B@mm

F-Secure: Bugbear.B

Eset NOD32: Win32/Bugbear.B

McAfee Security: W32/Bugbear.b@MM

Sophos: W32/Bugbear-B

Central Command: Worm/BugBear.B

2) Press Releases

– Panda Software: Panda Software Alerts Of The Dangers Of The New Worm Bugbear.B
– F-Secure: Bugbear.B Worm Targets the Banking Sector
– Sophos: Bugbear Reloaded: New Variant Of Virus Spreading Widely
– Kaspersky Labs: A New Version Of The Tanatos (Aka Bugbear) Internet Worm Has Been Detected

3) Removal tools

– BitDefender: BitDefender Anti Bugbear.B
– Panda Software: Panda QuickRemover (registration required)
– Symantec: Symantec FixBugbear (information and download)

4) News items

– Hindustan Times: New e-mail virus BugBear strikes on the Net
– TechTV: ‘Bugbear’ Worm Crawling Through PCs
– Slashdot: Yet Another Windows Worm
– Reuters: Bugbear Worm Variant Infecting Computers on Web
– The Inquirer: Bugbear worm goes polymorphic
– ZDNet UK: New Bugbear worm races up virus charts
– VnuNET: Bugbear virus bears claws again
– ZDNet UK: New Bugbear spreading fast

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